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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating
A Heart So WildHeart So Wild, AJohanna Lindsey4.5 Stars
Across a Starlit SeaAcross a Starlit SeaRebecca Brandewyne4 Stars
Escape Not My LoveEscape Not My LoveElaine Coffman5 Stars
The TamingTaming, TheJude Deveraux2 Stars
The Masquers (aka Splendid Torment)Masquers (aka Splendid Torment), TheNatasha Peters4 Stars
Love, Cherish MeLove, Cherish MeRebecca Brandewyne5 Stars
StormfireStormfireChristine Monson5 Stars
Purity's PassionPurity's Passion4 Stars
While Passion SleepsWhile Passion SleepsShirlee Busbee4 Stars
The Wildest HeartWildest Heart, TheRosemary Rogers
This Ravaged HeartThis Ravaged HeartBarbara Riefe3 Stars
Edin's EmbraceEdin's EmbraceNadine CrenshawZebra Lovegram5 Stars
So Wild a RaptureSo Wild a Rapture2.5 Stars
Passion's Proud CaptivePassion's Proud CaptiveMelissa Hepburne4 Stars
The InnocentInnocent, TheBertrice Small1 Star
Escape From DesireEscape From DesireHarlequin Presents #5693.5 Stars
Moment of DesireMoment of Desire5 Stars
A Pirate's LovePirate's Love, AJohanna Lindsey1 Star
Tara's SongTara's SongBarbara Ferry Johnson2 Stars
Purity's EcstasyPurity's Ecstasy3.5 Stars
The Perfect CouplePerfect Couple, TheMaura SegerSilhouette Intimate Moments #7752 Stars
Stolen SpringStolen SpringLouisa Rawlings4.5 Stars
StormspellStormspellAnne Mather4.5 Stars
To Touch the SunTo Touch the SunHarlequin Historical #984 Stars
Winter's Heat Winter's Heat 2.5 Stars
WildcatWildcatCandace SchulerHarlequin Temptation #2845 Stars
Beware of the StrangerBeware of the StrangerJanet DaileyHarlequin Presents #2562.5 Stars
Texas TempestTexas TempestDeana JamesZebra Lovegram4 Stars
Different WorldsDifferent WorldsHarlequin Temptation #3324 Stars
Terms of SurrenderTerms of SurrenderHarlequin Historical #464 Stars
CarnivalCarnivalHarlequin Intrigue #1383 Stars
Wicked Loving LiesWicked Loving LiesRosemary Rogers5 Stars
GypsyGypsyCarole MortimerHarlequin Signature Edition3 Stars
The Magic of YouMagic of You, TheJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Taken By YouTaken By YouConnie Mason2 Stars
The Lion RockLion Rock, TheSally WentworthHarlequin Presents #6623 Stars
Four Dollars and Fifty-One CentsFour Dollars and Fifty-One CentsSilhouette Desire #6135 Stars
RavenRavenZebra Historical Romance4.5 Stars
Stay Through the NightStay Through the NightHarlequin Presents #3443.5 Stars
Enchantress MineEnchantress MineBertrice Small2.5 Stars
Change of LifeChange of LifeJudith ArnoldAmerican Romance #3622.5 Stars
The Coach to HellCoach to Hell, The2.5 Stars
Shattered DreamsShattered DreamsSally WentworthHarlequin Presents #6291.5 Stars
Beloved EnemyBeloved EnemyZebra Heartfire2 Stars
Come Back to MeCome Back to MeHarlequin Presents #13211.5 Stars
The Curse of KentonCurse of Kenton, The4.5 Stars
Surrender to LoveSurrender to LoveRosemary Rogers3 Stars
Highland VelvetHighland VelvetJude Deveraux5 Stars
Lady of FireLady of FireAnita Mills5 Stars
Love's Glorious GambleLove's Glorious GambleDana RansomZebra Heartfire3 Stars
Texas TormentTexas TormentCatherine CreelZebra Lovegram2 Stars
LovespellLovespellDeana JamesZebra Historical Romance4.5 Stars
Uncommon VowsUncommon Vows5 Stars
The Waterfalls of the MoonWaterfalls of the Moon, TheAnne MatherHarlequin Presents #1123.5 Stars
Captive MelodyCaptive MelodyNadine CrenshawZebra Heartfire1 Star
Forever Mine, ValentineForever Mine, ValentineHarlequin Temptation #2884.5 Stars
The Lightning That LingersLightning That Lingers, TheLoveswept #252.5 Stars
Sweet Savage HeartSweet Savage HeartJanelle TaylorZebra Lovegram5 Stars
The HeirHeir, TheJohanna Lindsey2 Stars
Kathleen's Surrender Kathleen's Surrender Nan RyanZebra Historical Romance5 Stars
Nelson's BrandNelson's BrandDiana PalmerSilhouette Desire #6182 Stars
Red Rose For LoveRed Rose For LoveCarole MortimerHarlequin Presents #5225 Stars
Blood Red RosesBlood Red RosesKatherine Deauxville5 Stars
Sweet Prairie PassionSweet Prairie PassionZebra Historical Romance5 Stars
Once a PrincessOnce a PrincessJohanna Lindsey2 Stars
Man in ControlMan in ControlCandlelight Ecstasy Supreme #353 Stars
Midnight CaptiveMidnight CaptivePenelope NeriZebra Historical Romance5 Stars
Then Came YouThen Came YouLisa Kleypas5 Stars
Forbidden FantasyForbidden FantasyTiffany WhiteHarlequin Temptation #3674 Stars
SiroccoSiroccoAnne MatherHarlequin Presents #6833.5 Stars
So Speaks the HeartSo Speaks the HeartJohanna Lindsey4 Stars
Passion’s Treasure (aka Just Say Yes) Passion’s Treasure (aka Just Say Yes) Betina KrahnZebra Heartfire3 Stars
Cheap ThrillsCheap ThrillsTiffany WhiteHarlequin Temptation #3183.5 Stars
The Frost and the FlameFrost and the Flame, TheDrusilla Campbell4.5 Stars
Savage EcstasySavage EcstasyJanelle TaylorZebra Historical Romance3 Stars
Ready, Willing and AbelReady, Willing and AbelSilhouette Desire #5904.5 Stars
Speak Only LoveSpeak Only LoveDeana JamesZebra Historical Romance3.5 Stars
Shadows On the MoonShadows On the MoonMagnum Books #4200-144 Stars
RangoonRangoonChristine Monson3.5 Stars
Highland FireHighland FireHarlequin Historical #913.5 Stars
Hearts of FireHearts of FireAnita Mills4 Stars
Tender Is the StormTender Is the StormJohanna Lindsey3 Stars
Secret FireSecret FireJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Passions Wild and FreePassions Wild and FreeJanelle Taylor3 Stars
A Love to Last ForeverLove to Last Forever, ACandlelight Ecstasy Supreme #1263.5 Stars
SarinaSarina4 Stars
Paradise and MoreParadise and MoreShirl Henke4 Stars
A> LoverboyA> LoverboyJudith ArnoldHarlequin American Romance #3894 Stars
Dark Before the Rising SunDark Before the Rising Sun1.5 Stars
The Jade AffairJade Affair, TheHarlequin Temptation #3264.5 Stars
Sunset TemptationSunset TemptationJane ToombsZebra Heartfire1 Star
The Silver DevilSilver Devil, TheTeresa Denys4.5 Stars
The Honey Is BitterHoney Is Bitter, TheViolet WinspearHarlequin Presents #64 Stars
Timeless LoveTimeless LoveJudith ArnoldHarlequin Temptation #5654.5 Stars
Too Many HusbandsToo Many HusbandsHarlequin Temptation #2824.5 Stars
Dreaming of YouDreaming of YouLisa Kleypas4 Stars
Marriage on the ReboundMarriage on the ReboundMichelle ReidHarlequin Presents #19734 Stars
The PresentPresent, TheJohanna Lindsey3.5 Stars
Texas BlondeTexas BlondeVictoria ThompsonZebra Lovegram5 Stars
Angel in ScarletAngel in Scarlet4 Stars
For the Love of SaraFor the Love of SaraAnne MatherHarlequin Presents #1482 Stars
Desert SlaveDesert SlaveZebra Heartfire3.5 Stars
Guilty LoveGuilty LoveCharlotte LambHarlequin Presents #17065 Stars
The Other WomanOther Woman, TheCandace SchulerHarlequin Temptation #4513 Stars
The Wild OneWild One, The2 Stars
Hard To GetHard To GetCarole MortimerHarlequin Presents #7243.5 Stars
Guarded MomentsGuarded MomentsHarlequin Temptation #2963.5 Stars
Savage SurrenderSavage SurrenderCassie Edwards2 Stars
Sweet Savage LoveSweet Savage LoveRosemary Rogers4 Stars
Woman HaterWoman HaterDiana PalmerSilhouette Romance #5323 Stars
Stranger In My ArmsStranger In My ArmsLouisa RawlingsHarlequin Historical #905 Stars
Colorado JewelColorado JewelZebra Heartfire1 Star
RavenRaven3.5 Stars
Lovers TouchLovers TouchHarlequin Presents #12162.5 Stars
Melting IceMelting IceHarlequin Romance (Special Subscription) #553 Stars
Texas TreasureTexas TreasureVictoria ThompsonZebra Historical3 Stars
Skye O'MalleySkye O'MalleyBertrice Small4 Stars
My Steadfast HeartMy Steadfast HeartZebra Historical Romance2.5 Stars
And Gold Was OursAnd Gold Was OursRebecca Brandewyne3.5 Stars
Nobility Ranch/ To Love a LadyNobility Ranch/ To Love a LadyZebra Ballad4.5 Stars
CharlotteCharlotteBelmont Tower1 Star
Captive AngelCaptive AngelDeana JamesZebra Historical5 Stars
A Perfect MarriagePerfect Marriage, ASilhouette Intimate Moments #6213 Stars
Savage ObsessionSavage ObsessionCassie EdwardsZebra Historical Romance2 Stars
A Passionate AffairPassionate Affair, AAnne MatherHarlequin Presents #5633.5 Stars
Moon WitchMoon WitchAnne MatherHarlequin Presents #383.5 Stars
Gentle RogueGentle RogueJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Texas TriumphTexas TriumphVictoria ThompsonZebra Lovegram3 Stars
Wish on the MoonWish on the MoonSally WentworthHarlequin Presents #12784 Stars
Defy Not the HeartDefy Not the HeartJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Yankee MistressYankee MistressZebra Heartfire0.5 Star
Could It Be MagicCould It Be MagicGina WilkinsHarlequin Temptation #2834 Stars
Rebel VixenRebel VixenDana RansomZebra Heartfire5 Stars
Nebraska Fires Nebraska Fires Zebra Lovegram4 Stars
Beloved DeceiverBeloved DeceiverHarlequin Presents #10583.5 Stars
HeatherHeather1 Star
Dakota FlameDakota FlameZebra Lovegram2.5 Stars
Ecstasy's FireEcstasy's FireZebra Lovegram3.5 Stars
A Lady Bought With RiflesLady Bought With Rifles, AJeanne Williams3.5 Stars
The Silver LinkSilver Link, TheHarlequin Historical #934 Stars
Angel's CaressAngel's CaressDeana JamesZebra Historical Romance1 Star
The SheikSheik, The5 Stars
These Golden PleasuresThese Golden Pleasures3 Stars
Texas TemptationTexas TemptationGina RobinsZebra Lovegram4 Stars
An Outrageous ProposalOutrageous Proposal, AnMiranda LeeHarlequin Presents #17374.5 Stars
Bold Texas EmbraceBold Texas EmbraceVictoria ThompsonZebra Lovegram2.5 Stars
ShannaShannaKathleen E. Woodiwiss3.5 Stars
Pirate's Wild EmbracePirate's Wild EmbraceZebra Lovegram3 Stars
Passion's ParadisePassion's ParadiseZebra Historical Romance3 Stars
Midnight FiresMidnight FiresCarol FinchZebra Historical Romance4 Stars
Dark FireDark FireSilhouette Desire # 4624 Stars
Savage RaptureSavage RaptureSylvie F. SommerfieldZebra Historical Romance4.5 Stars
A Naked FlameNaked Flame, ACharlotte LambHarlequin Presents #7471 Star
Devil in a Silver RoomDevil in a Silver RoomViolet WinspearHarlequin Presents #55 Stars
Destiny's SplendorDestiny's SplendorZebra Lovegram3.5 Stars
Mansion For My LoveMansion For My LoveHarlequin Presents #5673 Stars
Tender SavageTender SavagePhoebe ConnZebra Lovegram3 Stars
Liar's MoonLiar's MoonCandlelight Ecstasy Supreme #1593 Stars
Passion's ChainsPassion's ChainsCatherine CreelZebra Lovegram4.5 Stars
Dangerous ObsessionDangerous ObsessionNatasha Peters5 Stars
Traitor's KissTraitor's KissZebra Heartfire3 Stars
The Marriage WarMarriage War, TheCharlotte LambHarlequin Presents #19130.5 Star
The Lion's LadyLion's Lady, TheJulie Garwood4 Stars
Comanche BrideComanche BrideEmma MerrittZebra Lovegram3 Stars
Rumor Has ItRumor Has ItHarlequin Romance #30405 Stars
Cherish Me, Embrace MeCherish Me, Embrace MeSylvie F. SommerfieldZebra Historical Romance5 Stars
The Italian's WifeItalian's Wife, TheLynne GrahamHarlequin Presents #22353.5 Stars
Glory DaysGlory DaysHarlequin Temptation #3081 Star
Comanche Love SongComanche Love SongCheryl BlackZebra Heartfire0.5 Star
Savage PossessionSavage PossessionMargaret PargeterHarlequin Presents #3664 Stars
Night FireNight FireCatherine Coulter4 Stars
Ride the Free WindRide the Free WindF. Rosanne BittnerZebra Historical Romance5 Stars
Once More With FeelingOnce More With FeelingNora RobertsSilhouette Intimate Moments #24 Stars
Love's Fiery Jewel Love's Fiery Jewel Elaine BarbieriZebra Historical Romance1 Star
Defiant EcstasyDefiant EcstasyJanelle TaylorZebra Historical Romance4 Stars
Rapture's RansomRapture's RansomBetina KrahnZebra Historical Romance4 Stars
Sweet Savage SurrenderSweet Savage SurrenderKathryn HockettZebra Lovegram0.5 Star
Passion's SlavePassion's SlaveKay McMahon1 Star
Tempt Not This FleshTempt Not This FleshBarbara Riefe2 Stars
White Lion's LadyWhite Lion's LadyLara Adrian, Tina St. JohnIvy Books5 Stars
The Golden SovereignsGolden Sovereigns, TheJocelyn Carew4.5 Stars
Lone Star SurrenderLone Star SurrenderCarol FinchZebra Lovegram5 Stars
Hearts AflameHearts AflameJohanna Lindsey4 Stars
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