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Spell of the Mountains, Rosalie Henaghan, Harlequin, 1989, cover artist unknown
Harlequin Presents #3027

From the Back of the Book:

I’d sooner kiss a snake than you!”
When Sophie had angrily insulted New Zealand hotelier Jon Roberts, she’d never expected him to respond with a wager. If he managed to wangle her cherished homestead motel away from her, he’d announced, he would claim a kiss as his prize…
Sophie had no intention of losing out to arrogant Jon! Until a fateful mountain snowstorm trapped them both together — and all her best laid plans went awry…
In the wintry wonderland of the mountains, Sophie — the icy snow queen — began to melt with Jon’s charms. But chilling winds from their past still blew between them… 

4 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Spell of the Mountains by Rosalie Henaghan was the first “adult” romance I read. I had read some Carolyn B. Cooney and the like, but never a love story about adults.

Back in January or February of 1990 a mysterious package of 4 books came in the mail. Whoever ordered them I never learned, but my mom gave them to me, since she knew I was a book-worm. After I read them, my love for romance was born! I started subscribing to Harlequins Romances, then moved on to Temptations, then any other series I could get my hands on.

The Plot

I remember being entranced by the “exotic” location of Christchurch, New Zealand. The heroine, Sophie, and her father owned a farmstead that was deeply in debt. Jonathon, the hero, was an arrogant, big-shot millionaire who wants to build on their land. Fireworks ensue.

Eventually, they come to an arrangement that allows Jonathon to buy up the land and build real estate on the property. He and Sophie draw ever closer, despite their differences.

As I was a romance “virgin” when I read this, I LOVED the book. The scene at the end when Sophie admits her love for Jonathan and his true feelings about her is finally revealed is when my 12-year-old self became addicted to the genre for the rest of my life.

Final Analysis of Spell of the Mountains

If I read Spell of the Mountains today, I admit it wouldn’t be as amazed. It’s a rather simple, by-the-numbers romance: arrogant hero, defiant heroine, a tug-and-pull relationship of “I hate you” versus “I’m attracted to you” and then a true love declaration at the end.

But since it was my first romance, it will always have a special place in my heart!

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