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What Is Sweet Savage Flame?

Sweet Savage Flame is a blog/ website dedicated to old-school and vintage romance. You know, those trashy, campy sex romps your mother, grandmother, or older uncle read. Perhaps you might have read one or two yourself!

From vintage reads to bodice rippers, historical romance to category romance, we at Sweet Savage Flame unashamedly love them all!

Many talented artists illustrated the gorgeous clinch covers. The plots were sometimes shocking and not politically correct. These romances had their day, although we look back at the past with fondness, not scorn.

Our Mission for Old-School Romance

We love this monumental era in the romance genre, spanning from the 1970s into the 21st century. So we’re keeping a historical record of it all.

Sweet Savage Flame will focus on the biggest old-school romance authors (and some personal favorites), the publishing houses, and the cover artists who made it all happen. In addition, we will blog about topics and post reviews of vintage romance books–and bodice rippers–we’ve read years ago or recently.

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