Covers of the Week #9

Take a look and enjoy Blue Falcon’s favorite covers! For the week of June 7 to June 13, we asked our dear friend Blue Falcon to choose his favorite covers for this week’s theme. Thanks to these picks, I discovered a new line, Richard Gallen Books, which preceded the Tapestry imprint for Pocket Books.

3 thoughts on “Covers of the Week #9

  1. Blue Falcon

    Thank you, Mary Anne. I too loved the Richard Gallen books and especially the covers. Finding them again brought back so many memories.

    Much credit must also be given to the founder of “Sweet Savage Flame”, a lovely lady named Jacqueline Diaz, who created this space for lovers of old school romance to rediscover old loves and find new ones.

  2. Mary Anne Landers

    Thanks, Blue Falcon. I really enjoyed many of the Richard Gallen romances. This imprint from Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books lasted only three years, from 1979 to 1982. But it published four sizable books per month. Its output was about evenly divided between contemporary and historical romances.

    At its best, this imprint offered top-notch romance. And often the cover art really sizzed!

    I still have several Richard Gallen favorites from back then. I’m looking for others. Many are available for readers at the Online Archive.

    BTW, yes, there really was a Richard Gallen. He was the book packager who put this line together.


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