Romance Versus Romantic Fiction: What’s the Confusion All About?

In fiction, what genre is romance and what is romantic fiction? It’s not a simple question as the answer draws confusion. Every month or so, controversy arises on Twitter, with some posters unable to comprehend the difference between the two terms. Besides, why must there be rules for romance?

what the confusion

6 Gothic & Paranormal Romances That Will Haunt You

It’s that spooky time of year again…Halloween! We’re preparing for one of our favorite holidays by reading some paranormal and gothic romances to get us into that creepy spirit. Here are six romances we think you’ll appreciate, too.

6 paranormal and gothic romances

In Memoriam: Author Sharon Curtis

Sharon Curtis, one half of the duo who wrote as Laura London, passed away on September 4, 2022, at the age of 71. She was the beloved wife of Thomas Curtis, her writing partner from 1976 to 1986, and her husband of more than forty years.

sharon curtis

Hispanic or Latino Heroes in Retro Romance

Hispanic heroes are hot! We’re highlighting some Latino heroes in historical and contemporary romances from North and South America for your pleasure.

Latino Heroes

Author Spotlight: Nora Roberts

The first writer inducted into the Romance Writer of America Hall of Fame, Nora Roberts is known as the queen of romance fiction. She writes under other pen names, such as J.D. Robb. She is also known as “La Nora.”

A Closer Look: Walter and Marie Popp

Did you know about the romance illustrator who hid his wife’s name in his signature? It was artist Walter Popp. This was because, for many years, he and his wife Marie painted the covers together!

walter marie popp

National Tell a Joke Day: Romance Jokes

We all could use a good joke to cheer us up when we’re down in the dumps. Sometimes we take life–and romance–too seriously. We know the romance genre can get a bit ridiculous at times. So it’s perfect that today, August 16, is National Tell a Joke Day here in the United States. It’s a great opportunity to laugh about love and relationships and romance novels.

National Tell A Joke Day Story

Category Romance Authors Who Made It Big

Many famous and popular authors of mainstream fiction got their start writing series or category romance. Category romances are a staple of the industry. The following 7 authors got their start with Silhouette, Harlequin, Loveswept, or Dell Candlelight romances.

7 category romance authors who made it big

Flashback Friday: Class of 1997

It’s Flashback Friday, and Sweet Savage Flame looks back to 1997, a quarter of a century ago. We look at fashion, events, tv & movie and books! Let’s focus on popular trends in romance novels for 1997.


Reading Slumps and How to Get Over Them

So you’re in a reading slump. What can you do? In many cases, losing your reading mojo is a normal experience for people who read books on a regular basis. We know a few methods to reignite your love of fiction.

reaing slump

Romance Cover Model: Rob Ashton

Fabio officially retired from modeling for romance covers–except for the books “he wrote”–in 1993. In the 1990s and the 2000s, Rob Ashton was one of the cover models who took his place, even earning the title of “New King of Romance Novels.”

rob ashton

Sweet Savage Flame’s 6 Heat Levels in Romances

In romance novels, heat levels can range from as tepid as room temperature to as hot as the sun. Sweet Savage Flame has created a list with what we think are 6 different levels of heat in romances. These range from no heat to closed and open-door love scenes to pornography.

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