Most Expensive and/ or Hard to Find Out-of-Print Romances

hard to find romance novels

Vintage Book Collecting

Here at Sweet Savage Flame, we’ve previously talked about where to look for vintage romance novels.

The original editions of these romances are (obviously) out-of-print and hard to find. If you do, they will be very expensive if you purchase them via mail-order.

One negative is that you can never be sure what condition they’ll be in when you get them.

Out in the wild, at thrift stores, etc., you may find them for a bargain. In pristine condition, no less. If you do, snatch them up!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most difficult old-school paperback romance novels to track down. They are hard to find, expensive, and rare. Some of these books we’re lucky to have in our collection, others we once had and sold or lost (how foolish!). And finally, there are those we’d pay our weight in gold to have.

(Well, birth weight, maybe! 😜)

The Flesh and the Devil, Teresa Denys, St Martin’s Press

Out-Of-Print Or First Editions Priced from $15 to $40

  • Judy CuevasBliss $12 – $25
  • Eleanora De VincentDark Dream of Love $15
  • Teresa DenysThe Flesh and the Devil $15 – $40
    • (Depends on whether paperback or hardcover)
  • Beverly JenkinsAlways and Forever $20 – $30
  • Beverly JenkinsBefore the Dawn $25 – $35
  • Beverly JenkinsBelle and the Beau $25 – $40
  • Francine RiversNot So Wild A Dream $20 – $40
  • Francine RiversA Fire in the Heart $15 – $60
  • Francine RiversOutlaw’s Embrace $25
  • Francine RiversRebel in His Arms $25-$30
Castles in the Air, Christina Dodd, Robert Maguire cover art

Hard to Find Books That Will Cost About $40-50+

  • Lisa KleypasGive Me Tonight $35-$60
  • Lisa KleypasLove, Come to Me $65- $80
  • Francine RiversRedeeming Love $50 – $70
    • (Original only)
  • Francine RiversHeart In Hiding $30 – $90
  • Francine RiversKathleen $25 – $75
  • Francine RiversSycamore Hill $30 – $60
  • Janet Louise Roberts / Louisa BronteHer Demon Lover $30 – $50
    • Depends on which version (Regular Avon Gothic or Avon Satanic Gothic)
  • June Lund ShiplettJourney to Yesterday 1977 $20-$50
  • Tracy WestA Lesson In Love $35 – $90
    • Original Version, Silhouette First Love,1982
  • Patricia VaughanShadows On the Bayou $50- $60
  • Valerie VayleNight Fire $60 – $90

The Great White Whales of Romance Novels $100+

(aka) Romances That Are Darn Near Impossible to Find–and If You Do, You’ll Have to Pay A Lot

  • Judy Cuevas Dance $150 – $300
  • Beverly Jenkins Indigo $200 – GOOD LUCK!
    • (Original) Avon
  • Beverly JenkinsNight Song $150 – GOOD LUCK!
    • (Original) Avon, 1994
  • Nicole JordanVelvet Embrace $70 – $100
    • Original 1987 Zebra Edition
  • Lisa KleypasWhere Passion Leads $250 – $500
  • Lisa KleypasForever My Love $100- $250
  • Francine RiversHearts Divided $150 – $200
  • Francine RiversThis Golden Valley $90 – $200
  • Francine RiversSarina $100 – $200
  • Day TaylorThe Black Swan $100 – $150
  • Rosalind WellesEntwined Destinies $150 – $300
promise me tomorrow
Promise Me Tomorrow, Nora Roberts, Pocket Books, Elaine Gignilliat cover art

Your Opinion

What do you think of these expensive, hard-to-find romances? Would you pay that much for these books? What hard-to-find, out-of-print books did we miss? Do you own any of these romance novels?

As, always, please drop a comment, and let’s talk romance!

2 thoughts on “Most Expensive and/ or Hard to Find Out-of-Print Romances

  1. Amy M.

    For the most part, collecting vintage romance is an affordable hobby but a few out of print ones can be pricy! It’s not as expensive as collecting vintage paperback horror novels has gotten though – in fact some of the most expensive vintage romance novels are gothic romances that intersect with the horror genre. I actually hope that sites like this that promote how awesome 70s to 90s romance covers are don’t become too popular or prices will start shooting up!

  2. Mary Anne Landers

    Thanks, Jacqueline. I tend to go for vintage contemporary romances more than vintage historicals. But I catch your drift. There’s a market for the most sought-after bodice rippers. Especially in top condition.

    If I ever wonder about the price of a book, I first check with Bookfinder. It’s also a great place to go when you’re not just looking for a book at a fair price. You’re looking for it at ANY price!

    Which vintage contemporary romance is hardest to find? Why, it’s whichever one I’ve heard about, and just gotta have!

    Good luck!


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