List of Fairy Tale Romances

The romance novels are based on fairy tales. We have broken down our lists according to airy tale, so dierent subgenres and publishers might all be under one heading. Some airy tales you can find are common, such as Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella.


There’ many a love story told about Cinderella in romance novels.

cinderella girl

Alexander, Trisha, Cinderella Girl (Silhouette, 1990) Robert Maguire artist

his cinderella bride

Allison, Heather, His Cinderella Bride. (Harlequin, 1996) Will Davies artist

Arthur, Katherine. Cinderella Wife. (1986)

Baker, Jennifer. At Midnight. (1995)

Beaumont, Anne. A Cinderella Affair. (1992)

Boswell, Barbara, et al. Magic Slippers. (1996)

Browning, Dixie. Cinderella’s Midnight Kiss. (2000)

Burchell, Mary. Cinderella After Midnight. (1967)

Christenberry, Judy. (illustrator unknown) A Ring for Cinderella. (1999)

Cartland, Barbara. The Mysterious Maid-Servant. (1977) Francis Marshall artist

Converse, Jane. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella Nurse. (1967)

Cross, Caroline. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella’s Tycoon. (1999)

Crusie, Jennifer. (photographer unknown, Mort Engel Productions) The Cinderella Deal. (1996)

Dalton, Emily. (illustrator unknown) Sign Me, Speechless in Seattle. (1998)

D’Anard, Elizabeth. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella Summer. (1998)

Darcy, Lilian. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella After Midnight. (2001)

Darcy, Lilian. (illustrator unknown) Finding Her Prince. (2002)

Galitz, Cathleen. (illustrator unknown) Wyoming Cinderella. (2001)

Garbera, Katherine. (illustrator unknown) Overnight Cinderella. (2001)

Gill, Judy Griffith. (illustrator unknown) The Cinderella Search. (1998)

Harbison, Elizabeth. (illustrator unknown) Annie and the Prince. (2000)

Harbison, Elizabeth. (illustrator unknown) Emma and the Earl. (1999)

Harbison, Elizabeth. (illustrator unknown) Plain Jane Marries the Boss. (1999)

Hayes, Sally Tyler. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella and the Spy. (2000)

Jensen, Kathryn. (illustrator unknown) Mail-Order Cinderella. (2000)

Kistler, Julie. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella at the Firecracker Ball. (1993)

Langan, Ruth. (illustrator unknown) Snowbound Cinderella. (1999)

Leigh, Roberta. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella in Mink. (1973)

Lewis, Linda. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella and the Texas Prince. (1998)

Macomber, Debbie. (illustrator unknown) Cindy and the Prince. (1988)

Mallery, Susan. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella for a Night. (2000)

Mallery, Susan. (illustrator unknown) Prince Charming, M.D. (1998)

McKnight, Jenna. (illustrator unknown) Princess in Denim. (1998)

McLean Monica. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella Bride. (1998)

McMahon, Barbara. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella Twin. (1998)

Michaels, Fern. (illustrator unknown) Cinders to Satin. (1983)

Orr, Zelma. (illustrator unknown) Love Is a Fairy Tale. (1984)

Rawlins, Debbi. (illustrator unknown) If Wishes Were…Husbands. (1998)

Riley, Eugenia. (illustrator unknown) Stubborn Cinderella. (1986)

Rimmer, Christine. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella’s Big Sky Groom. (1999)

Sinclair, Tracy. (illustrator unknown) The Princess Gets Engaged. (1997)

South, Sheri Cobb. (illustrator unknown) The Cinderella Game. (1992)

Stuart, Anne. (illustrator unknown) Cinderman. (1994)

Templeton, Karen. (illustrator unknown) Honky-Tonk Cinderella. (2001)

Walker, Kate. (illustrator unknown) The Cinderella Trap. (1988)

Weaver, Ingrid. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella’s Secret Agent. (2001)

Webb, Kathleen. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella’s Shoe Size. (2001)

Wells, Robin. (illustrator unknown) Plain Jane Gets Her Man. (1997)

Wylie, Philip. (illustrator unknown) Footprint of Cinderella. (1931)

Yardley, Cathy. (illustrator unknown) The Cinderella Solution. (2000)

Zane, Carolyn. (illustrator unknown) Cinderella’s Secret Baby. (1998)

Cinderella Romance Novel Cover ImagesErin McCrossan (Author), The Cinderella Bibliography, 2002