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romance novel title generator

We Designed Two Romance Novel Name Generators

Romance novel titles, especially old-school romances and bodice rippers, seem to come out of a generator. We decided to have some fun with this concept. Here are two charts to help you develop a distinctive romance novel title—or have some fun. Create a title using your full name.

Romance Title Chart #1

Today the popular trend now for historicals is to add “Duke,” another title, or “Rogue,” “Rake,” “Devil,” or “Scoundrel” to a previously known idiom or name. Take, for example, The Viscount Who Loved Me or I Kissed an Earl.

Some modern titles have me groaning. They are a bit silly, and so is this chart!

Use your first, middle (if you have one), and last names to form a romance novel title. Take my name, for example, Jacqueline Diaz. J and D become A Jewel’s Dream. Not bad, not bad.

When I used my husband’s initials E, P & M, the result was: An Earl Pursues His Mistress. That one sounds very intriguing! Try different combinations and see what you can come up with.

A(An) AristocratAfter (the)All/Always
B(The) BaronBetter (be)Beauty/Beautiful
C(A) CountessCaress(es)Caring/Care
D(The) DukeDoes/Did/Do(a) Dream (s)
E(An) EarlEmbrace(s)Ecstasy
F(A) FantasyFeels (for)Forever
G(A) GentlemanGet(s)(the) Girl/ Guy
HHe/ SheHas/ Have(His/ Her) Heart
IIIn/ Is/ ItInside
J(A) Jewel(s/’s)Just (has/ have)Joy
K(The) KingKnow(s)Kiss(es)
L(A) LadyLust(s) (for)Love(s)
M(A) MasterMake(s)(A/ His) Mistress
N(A) NoblemanNever (is)Need(s/ed)
O(The) OverlordOf/ OrObsession
P(The) PrincePursue(s)Passion
Q(A) QueenQuestion(s)(the) Queen
R(The) RoyalRavish(es)Romance(s)
S(The) SquireSeduce(s)(a) Sinner
T(The) TycoonTouch(es)(of) Temptation
U(The) UltimateUse(s)(of) Unity/United
V(The) ViscountVisit(s)(a) Virgin
W(The) WarriorWoo(s/ing)(a) Wench
X(The) X-FactoreXcite(s)(of) eXtasy
YYouYearn(s/ing) (for) (for) You
Z(The) Zealous(and) ZanyZest

Sweet Savage Flame’s Zebra Romance Title Chart

Our romance novel name generator is styled a la Zebra’s naming conventions. No one did formulaic titles better than the folks at Kensington/ Zebra. For over 20 years, they released romances that adhered to a certain formula. Let’s see:

  • Happy/Angry Adjective 
  • add
  • State/Location/Native American Tribe
  • add
  • Semi-Romantic Noun 
    • Wild Texas Bride;  Sweet Stolen SurrenderSweet Silken Bondage

Another possibility:

  • Happy/Angry Adjective
  • or
  • State/ Location/Native American Tribe 
  • add 
  • Noun with Romantic Connotations 

Use the initials of your name to create a unique title. If you don’t have a middle name, that’s okay. It still works.

For example, my name, Jacqueline Diaz, would be Jubilant Destiny, which sounds pretty romantic. Then I took my husband’s initials and got Enchanting Pittsburgh Marriage, which I’m sure applies to many people, but it lacks a certain je ne sai quoi.

Try and see what title you come up with using the chart! Does it sound like a great bodice ripper?

The Zebra Romance Title Generator Chart

DDarlingDakota Destiny
EEnchantingEl PasoEcstasy
IImpulsiveIndiana Intercourse
RRavishingRhode IslandRapture
YYellowYosemite Yearning

Your Opinion on Our Romance Title Generator

If you liked either of these title charts we designed, maybe we’ll come up with more. Let us know in the comments.

What book title do the initials of your name create? Play around, have some fun, and see what combinations you can come up with!

As always, please drop a comment, and let’s talk romance.

2 thoughts on “Romance Novel Title Generator

  1. Blue Falcon

    Hi, Jacqueline.

    I like this idea. From my screen name, my romance title would be “Beyond Fantasy”. If I used my real initials, it would be “Ecstasy’s Torrid Welcome”. You’ve given me some food for thought, so I’ll see if I can come up with others.

    BTW, you are SO right about Zebra/Kensington’s titles and the current tendency toward “cutesy” titles. Some that I have seen:

    “Sex and the Single Earl”.

    “Live and Let Spy”.

    “One Thing Leads to a Lover”.

    “Waiting for an Earl Like You”.

    Clearly, a lot of today’s historical romance authors came of age in the 70’s and/or are 1980’s music fans.

  2. Adria

    Love the titles!

    Yes, there are many new book titles that are just old song titles repurposed for romance. Sometimes I think they’re cute, but I could do without all those nobles in Romanclandia. There’s too much focus on Dukes!


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