Natasha Peters

A Brief Yet Stellar Career in Romance


Natasha Peters wrote a few romance bodice rippers which are still popular today.

Natasha Peters is a pseudonym for Elizabeth Jordan.

Elizabeth Jordan’s ideas for her books took her to many foreign lands in the East and West through volumes of history and biography. Besides being a writer, she had many varied interests and accomplishments. Jordan was also an actress, an artist, and a singer.

She loved to grow roses.

Natasha Peters Romance Career

Jordan wrote only 10 books under the name Natasha Peters. However, she initially released Blues in the Night using her real name. In addition, two Gothics were published with the nom-de-plume of Anastasia Cleaver.

Although her later works were twentieth-century romantic fiction, her first three novels written as Natasha Peters can be classified as captivating bodice rippers.

Natasha Peters Bodice Ripper Legacy

Savage Surrender and its sequel Dangerous Obsession are legendary in the genre. They are considered absolute must-reads for anyone who appreciates the “savage” kind of bodice ripper (i.e., multiple lovers, forced seduction).


  • Winterscape (as Anastasia Cleaver), Ace, 1976
  • Savage Surrender, Ace, 1977
  • Dangerous Obsession, Ace, 1978
  • The Masquers, Ace, 1978
  • Summerstorm (as Anastasia Cleaver), Ace 1979
  • Splendid Torment (reissue of The Masquers), Ace, 1981
  • The Enticers, Fawcett, 1981
  • The Immortals, Fawcett, 1984
  • Darkness into Light, Fawcett, 1984
  • Wild Nights, Fawcett, 1986
  • Blues in the Night, Fawcett, 1987
  • Star Dust, Fawcett, 1992

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