Bookish Talk: A to Z Survey

This A- Z list of bookish preferences originated on Perpetual Page Turner’s book blog in 2013 and was reignited as a book tag in 2020. I haven’t been tagged, but I thought this was a fun list to complete.

Author Spotlight: Robert Vaughan

Robert Vaughan may not be a big-name author, but he sold tens of millions of books in the 20th century under many names. His pseudonyms include Paula Fairman, K. C. McKenna, Paula Moore, Fancy DeWitt, Patricia Matthews, Jonathon Scofield, Lee Davis Willoughby, and Kit Dalton. Have you read any Robert Vaughan romances?


A Closer Look At Dell Publishing

Dell used to be a huge publisher of fiction and in particular romance. They hopped on the romance market when many other publishers ignored the genre. At one point, they were in direct competition with Harlequin.

World Book Day 2022

It’s World Book Day today April 23, 2002! What is World Book Day? It’s a day commemorating the importance of the published word. Let’s celebrate by talking about books!

world book day

Stepback Covers Part II: The History of the Stepback

The history of stepback covers goes back to the early-to-mid-20th century. Bantam, Warner, and Pocket Books would be among the first paperback publishers to use this innovative cover design in the 1970s.

stepback 2

Link: Old School Romance on Youtube

These six commercials advertise the wonder of category romance novels. They look so tasteful, like old Summer’s Eve or Massengill feminine douche commercials. I got a kick out of watching them. Hope you enjoy them, too.

old school romance on youtube

How To Organize Your Bookshelves

We’ve talked about posting books on Instagram and becoming a #bookstagrammer. What happens when you build up a substantial library of your books? You’ll want to show off your reading material. We’ve got some ideas on how to organize your bookshelves in a few different ways.


Our Favorite Non-Romance Books and Authors

Our team at Sweet Savage Flame reads other kinds of books besides romance novels. We have a wide variety of tastes. Consequently, we’ll be asking our reviewers about their reading preferences. In this post, Introvert Reader talks about some of her favorite books, series, and authors outside of the romance genre.

black and white books education facts
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