Category Romance Review: The Millionaire’s Mistress by Miranda Lee

The Millionaire’s Mistress, Miranda Lee, Harlequin, 1998, cover artist unknown

Harlequin Presents #2026

From the back of the book:

Made to be his mistress!
Justine Montgomery desperately needed a loan, otherwise, she and her mom would be out on the street. So she steeled herself to ask handsome millionaire banker Marcus Osborne for help.
Marcus had no illusions about the Justines of this world. He could tell just by looking at her that she was a gold digger, out to target a rich husband. Just like his ex-wife…. But Marcus was also glad when Justine told him she’d do anything if he’d lend her money, because he desired her–badly. He’d give her the finances she wanted, and she’d repay him in his bed!

3 1/2 Stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Miranda Lee’s The Millionaire’s Mistress is a bit of an uneven read. I’m undecided on this one. What begins with a great sexual build-up, is kind of a letdown on the delivery.

Marcus is a “stuffed shirt” hero with a heart of gold. Justine is young, sexy, and spoiled. Despite her seemingly hot-to-trot ways, she’s a virgin. Marcus takes one look at her luscious curves and long blonde hair and thinks otherwise.

Justine owes lots of money to collectors after her rich daddy passed away leaving her in debt. Marcus is certain she’s a money-hungry you-know-what. But he will get to know the truth eventually about her, as, despite his reluctance, he finds himself helplessly attracted to her. And Justine is gaga for Marcus. So hesitantly, the two pursue a romantic relationship.

The title of this book was a bit misleading, even though Marcus’ is a wealthy mega multi-millionaire, Justine is certainly not his kept his mistress.

I enjoyed Justine’s character development. She was much younger than Marcus but had a maturity that belied her youth. She had wit and charm. As for Marcus, he was good… maybe too good to be true. I like Lee’s nice guys a lot; for example, I adored Elliot from Knight to the Rescue. Although sometimes, Lee’s nice guy heroes come on too “beta.” I prefer her (rare) bad boy heroes.

Still, this Harlequin Presents makes for an enjoyable, quick read. Miranda Lee is almost always entertaining.

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