Romance Authors With Pseudonyms


Romance Pen Names (aka Noms de Plume, Aliases, and Author Pseudonyms)

How many romance authors use their real names to write books? Certainly not all of them!

The use of pseudonyms exists in all fields of writing. Author and raconteur Mark Twain was born Samuel “Longhorn” Clemens. George Eliot was a woman named Mary Ann Evans. Even J.K. Rowling shortened her real name, Joanne Kathleen, to publish her Harry Potter blockbusters.

In the romance genre, an author might use a pen-name for various reasons. Perhaps their real name lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

Some romance writers produce fiction in multiple genres, so they use different names. There are male novelists who want to appeal to the majority female audience. Or they could be a married couple or duo who need a catchy nom-de-plume.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet…


Romance Author Pseudonym List

Below is a brief list of writers and their pen names. Thousands of authors use aliases; therefore, this is a short compilation. Here we included only those novelists we have reviewed, highlighted, or soon will review.

With each romance author’s pseudonym, we provide a book or link to a book review. We will add more names to the master list as we come upon them.

NOTE: For more writer aliases or their real names, go to the ROMANCE AUTHOR PSEUDONYM PAGE that is linked under the main AUTHORS page.

List of Pen Names

Rosalyn Alsobrookrunaway brideGina Delaney
Jalynn Friends
Rosalyn R. Alsobrook
Judith Arnoldchange of lifeAriel Berk
Thea Frederick
Barbara Keiler
Iris BancroftRapture's rebelAndrea Layton
Iris Brent
Iris Bancroft
Janice BennettTangled WebEileen WittonJanice Bennett
Jennifer BlakeLouisiana DawnElizabeth Trehearne Patricia Ponder
Patricia Maxwell
Maxine Patrick
Patricia Ponder-Maxwell
Laurey BrightThe Perfect Marriage, Laurey Bright 1995 Diane SivavecDaphne Clair
Clair Lorel
Clarissa Garland Daphne de Jong
Daphne Clair Williams de Jong
Phoebe Conntender savage phoebe connCinnamon BurkePhoebe Jane Conn Ingwalson
Emma DarcyDon't Ask Me NowWendy & Frank Brennan
Katherine Deauxvilleblood red roses frontM. H. Davis
Maggie Daniels
Maggie Davis
Maggie Hill-Davis
Teresa Denysthe silver devil teresa denysJacqui Bianchi
Jude Devereauxthe black lyon george zielJude Gilliam Montassir
Jacqueline Diamondone husband too manyJackie Hyman
Jackie Diamond Hyman Jacqueline Topaz Jacqueline Jade
Jackie Diamond Hyman Wilson
Kathleen DrymonDestiny’s SplendorKathleen McCallKathleen Drymon
Jane Featherbeloved enemyClaudia BishopJane Robotham
Connie Finchlone star surrenderGina Robins
Debra Falcon
Connie Drake
Connie Fedderson
Peggy GaddisShadows on the Moon
Georgia Craig
Gail Jordan
Perry Lindsay
Peggy Dern
Erolie Pearl Gaddis Dern
Roberta GellisSiren SongMax Daniels
Leah Jacobs
Priscilla Hamilton
Roberta Gellis
Georgina GentryBandit’s EmbraceLynne Murphy
Catherine Georgecome back to meDeirdre Matthews
Victoria Gordonarafura pirateGordon AalborgGordon Aalborg
Heather GrahamLiar’s MoonShannon Drake
Heather Graham-Pozzessere
Heather Graham Pozzessere
Dorothy HeatoncherishmybelovedMary Cummins
Susan Taylor
Mary Susan Cummins
Melissa HepburnePassion's Proud CaptiveLisa LenoreCraige Broude
Kathryn Hockettsweet savage surrenderMarcia Hockett & Kathy Lynn Kramer
Deana JamesCaptive AngelRachel Davies
Mona Sizer
Mona D. Sizer
Kristin JamesThe YankeeLisa Gregory
Sharon Stephens Candace Camp
Candace Camp
Penny JordanEscape From DesireCaroline Courtney Annie Groves
Lydia Hitchcock Melinda Wright
Penelope Jones-Halsall
Kathryn KramerLove’s Blazing EcstasyKatherine Vickery; Kathryn HockettKathy Lynn Kramer
Jayne Ann KrentzThe CowboyJayne Bentley
Jayne Castle
Amanda Glass Stephanie James
Amanda Quick
Jayne Taylor
Jayne Ann Castle Krentz
Charlotte LambCrescendoSheila Coates
Sheila Holland
Victoria Woolf
Laura Hardy
Sheila Lancaster
Sheila Coates-Holland
Andrea Laytonso wild a raptureIris BancroftIris Bancroft
Leandra LoganDillon after darkMary Schulz
Laura LondonLightning that lingersTom & Sharon Curtis
Marsha ManningYesterday's LoveHettie GrimsteadHettie Grimstead
Connie Masonleslie pellegrino peckCara MilesConnie Mason
Anne MatherStormSpellMildred Grieveson
Kay McMahonVirginia VixenCatherine EmmCatherine Emm
Fern MichaelsTender WarriorMary Ruth Kuczkir (& Roberta Anderson)
Constance O’Banyondakota dremasMicha LeighEvelyn Gee
Diana PalmerNelsons BrandSusan Kyle; Diana Blayne; Katy CurrieSusan Spaeth
Natasha Peters Dangerous ObsessionAnastasia CleaverElizabeth Jordan
Dana RansomRebel VixenRosalyn West
Nancy Gideon
Lauren Giddings
Nancy Gideon
Louisa Rawlingswicked strangerEna Halliday
Sylvia Halliday
Sylvia Rosen Baumgarten
Barbara Riefetempt not this fleshAlan RiefeAlan Riefe
Nora Roberts Night ShiftJ. D. Robb
Jill March
Sarah Hardesty
Eleonor Robertson
Maura Segerthe perfect coupleMaeve Fitzgerald
Anne MacNeill
Jenny Bates
Sara Jennings
Laurel Winslow
Laura Michaels
Laura Hastings
Josie Litton
Maura Seger
Janette Seymouremmies loveMike Butterworth
Carola Salisbury
Michael Butterworth
Valerie SherwoodBorn to LoveRosamund RoyalJeanne Hines
Lass Smallfour dollars and fifty one cents lass smallCally Hughes
Callie Hugher
Lass Small
Sally Wentworththe lion rockDoreen Hornsblow
Tiffany WhiteCheap ThrillsAnna Eberhardt
Jennifer WildeAngel In Scarlet duilloT.E. Huff
Edwina Marlowe Beatrice Parker Katherine St. Clair
Thomas E. Huff
Lauren WildeNebraska fires bruce emmettJoanne ReddJoanne Redd
Gina Wilkinschanging the rulesGina Ferris
Gina Ferris Wilkins
Gina Ferris Vaughan Wilkins
Jeanne Williamsa lady bought with riflesMegan Castell
Jeanne Crecy
Jeanne Foster
Deirdre Rowan
Kristian Michaels
J.R. Williams
Jeanne Williams

***For a more extensive list, go to the ROMANCE AUTHOR PSEUDONYM PAGE.***

Your Opinion

If you don’t see a pen name listed above, please let us know. Did you know these authors went by other names?

Please drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

10 thoughts on “Romance Authors With Pseudonyms

  1. Blue Falcon


    Micah Leigh was a one-off pseudonym used by Constance O’Banyon (real name Evelyn Gee) for an August 1986 historical romance called “Texas Dreams”. Ms. Gee (or O’Banyon if you prefer) wrote the book in collaboration with Emma Merritt, a prominent Zebra/Kensington author from the mid 1980’s-mid 1990’s who, before writing historicals for Zebra/Kensington, published nine Candlelight Ecstasy Romances under the name Emma Bennett.

  2. romance4real

    This is such a great article! I knew about a few of these and I can’t even describe the thrill I felt when I first found out Diana Palmer had books under Susan Kyle and Diana Blayne – some of which you can read online

    It’s so euphoric, when you’ve just finished the last book in your tbr stack for your favorite author and you’ve read all the books on the backlist already, and you’ve just made the decision to start your tbr stack all over again, but through the magic of online blogs and reading groups you discover not one but 2 pseudonyms!!!

    It was like stepping through the wardrobe to Narnia, when I found out Joan Hohl and Amii Lorin were one and the same and Sandra Brown is also Rachel Ryan and Erin St Claire, or even finding out Sarah Holland is Charlotte Lamb’s daughter! This was my introduction to A Candelight Ecstasy Imprint!

    1. jacquelinediaz

      Dear Romance4real,

      Thank you for the links. One of my favorite authors, Louisa Rawlings, wrote under multiple aliases, and I had to collect everything she wrote! Also, thank you for the other author pseudonyms; I will add them to the master Author pseudonym page. I love getting feedback for these articles, it really helps out!

  3. Mary Anne Landers

    Thanks so much, Jacqueline. Because of sources like Fiction Database, I’m always discovering more and more pseudonyms and real names. Your list is the first one I’ve come across that focuses on vintage romance authors. A big help! I’m sure I can add more listings in the future.

    I wonder: which romance author used the most pseudonyms? As I mentioned in my recent review of “Shadows on the Moon”, Peggy Gaddis used twelve, though some were for genres other than romance. Can anyone beat that?

    1. jacquelinediaz

      I forgot to include Peggy on this list! I’ll add her to the Author pseudonym page. As I said, it’s a work in progress. There are many useful sites which provide pen names, but they include modern or non-romance authors. Our site will focus on vintage authors and link names to book reviews.

      Male author Con Sellers wrote some Gothic romances and historicals in the 1970s and 1980s. He wrote 300 books in total, from pulps to porn to westerns to sagas, and he had about 90 pseudonyms! He used to churn a book out every two weeks. I don’t know how those authors did it

  4. jacquelinediaz

    (Ok, it looks like I have to type all my comments out. I can use my phone to post articles, but not to reply comment, apparently. That is odd.)

    One of the things I appreciated about older works is that they were diligent on documenting real names and cover artist on their copy right pages. It makes research easier. Zebra had quite a few authors write books under one name and then use another pseudonym to create others. So too, did Harlequin, but I didn’t document many, as we haven’t covered those writers yet. This list will be a long work in progress. I know other sites provide author pseudonyms, but I want to have as much info available in one centralized location. This endeavor will take time, which I don’t mind. I have so many irons in the proverbial fire going on, that my focus is limited.

    I hope all is well, and your aches and pains aren’t acting up. This weather is atrocious for people with bad joint and/ or circulation issues. Hub wants to move to California, but if I’m going to live in a crappy state, I’ll stay in New York. Oh, I complain, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Home is home.

  5. Blue Falcon

    Hi, Jacqueline.

    As always, a well-researched article. It’s one of many things I appreciate about your work.

    To answer your question, yes, I did know that many of the book authors had pseudonyms; in many books, the author’s real name will be listed before the main book begins.

    I’ve only read a few of the authors you have listed, most notbaly Rosalyn Alsobrook (I’ve read books published under her real name and her aliases), and Connie Feddersen (as Carol Finch and Gina Robins). Interestingly, I found I liked the books written under Mrs. Alsobrook’s aliases better than the ones published under her own name (even though almost all were published by Zebra/Kensington).


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