Category Romance: The Perfect Couple by Maura Seger

The Perfect Couple Rating: two-stars
Published: 1997
Illustrator: Unknown
Genres: Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 250
Format: Paperback
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Category Romance: The Perfect Couple by Maura Seger


Will they ever have a chance to say “I love you”?

THEIR FUTURE HANGS IN THE BALANCE….First the argument ripped Shane Dutton and Brenna O’Hare apart. Now a plane crash has stranded Shane in the Alaskan wilderness. Miles apart, all they can do is wait. And hope. And remember…

THEIR PAST IS ALL THEY HAVE…Shane wanted children—Brenna didn’t. Brenna wanted a man who never took risks—Shane did. But they also wanted each other—so badly that their differences hadn’t mattered. Not at first…Reflecting on what went wrong—and right—Shane and Brenna reach the same conclusion. But will they ever get the chance to say “I love you”?



The Book

The Perfect Couple by Maura Seger was perfectly…boring.

The Plot

The setup was in this category romance was actually great. We flip back through different times in Shane and Brenna’s relationship, the highs and the lows.

However, the love story was treacly-sweet. If I liked that sort of white-bread perfection, I’d read Nicholas Sparks, the gag-master extraordinaire.

Shane and Brenna have been a couple for some time. Despite their shared passion, their intrinsic differences threaten their love. Brenna is a down-to-earth type who likes her life carefully planned out. She wants a long-term relationship, but no children. Shane lives on the edge and wants a family.

Then Shane’s plane crashes and he is presumed dead. Brenna hopes for the best and looks back on their time together, wondering if they were too different to be together or if love is enough to overcome all their obstacles, even death. Shane does his valiant best to get back to Brenna before dying without seeing her one last time.

Final Analysis of The Perfect Couple

Maura Seger attempted to create something unique. A story about a couple in two different and parallel stages of their relationship. But the problems keeping them apart were mundane. There was never any doubt that Shane would make it back to Brenna. In the end, you know that they would make compromises to make their union last. The Perfect Couple was ok, but nothing exceptional.

2 Stars

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