Historical Romance Review: To Touch the Sun by Barbara Leigh


Beloved Captive…To be a knight, chivalrous in deed and courageous in battle, was all that Drue had ever wished for. Dubbed Sir Drue, she had sworn to serve her king and seek revenge against her enemy, Connaught. She had vowed to slay the treacherous knight, yet one look into the depths of his fire-blue eyes and she knew she could never kill him… Though she had captured him fairly on the field of battle, it was Drue who was completely in his power, and she shuddered to think what the proud Connaught would do when he discovered that the ‘lad’ who had defeated him was nothing more than a woman.



The Book – To Touch the Sun

To Touch the Sun is an older Harlequin Historical by Barbara Leigh. This is a unique tale about a woman in Medieval England who is raised alongside her brother as a boy and eventually becomes a knight. Not just any knight, but one of the most virtuous, valiant, and admired knights in the kingdom.

The Plot

Druanna takes on the persona of Dru to such a great extent that even her brother almost forgets her true identity.

Although she dominates in the masculine arts of war, Dru’s heart is that of a woman who loves men. Unfortunately for Druanna, she falls for her enemy, Connaught.

Connaught is married when they meet and has no idea she is a female. He is confused and tormented by his attraction for this brave knight. Lucky for him, when Druanna is injured in combat, Connaught tends to her wounds and finds her boobies—itty-bitty as they may be–but a woman’s breasts nonetheless. Whew, so at least he’s only a lustingin-his-heart adulterer, not a homosexual!

 photo blackadder_bells_396x222.jpg to touch the sun
“So before we go at it, just what exactly is the penis situation?”

There are a few twists and turns along the way. Connaught is a married man, after all, with children. Then there is a shocking accusation made at Sir Dru, who is considered one of the most eligible and handsome of knights. I imagine Dru looked like a young Tilda Swinton or Annie Lennox, a lean, tall, and blond ambisexual beauty.

And of course, there are the major problems Connaught and Druanna face when their relationship becomes known.

An Unusual HEA

The book is unique in that they have their Happily Ever After, but an unconventional one. They live their lives happily fighting alongside one another as two knights, and no one, except the hero and the heroine’s brother, knows she is really a woman!

4 Stars

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