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Category Romance Review: A Convenient Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin

category romance
A Convenient Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin
Rating: half-star
Published: 1999
Illustrator: TBD
Imprint or Line: Harlequin Presents #2067
Book Series: Weddings
Published by: Harlequin, Mills & Boon
Genres: Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 187
Format: Paperback
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Reviewed by: Introvert Reader

Category Romance Review: A Convenient Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin


The Book

File A Convenient Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin, a 1999 Harlequin Presents under “Wedding Porn.”

Books about self-absorbed, beautiful, wealthy women with nothing to do but go to lunches & parties, shop, and plan their weddings in excruciating detail are not my thing. A Convenient Bridegroom was one of the most boring romances I have ever read and there have been quite a few snoozers!

The Plot?

Ayse and Carlo are engaged to each other because that’s what’s excpected of them. Their families are lifetime friends.

The two are having amazing sex but have yet to say I love you. It’s not because they’re emotionally cold people struggling to come to their true feelings. It’s because… neither has said it first. That‘s the big crisis.

Plus, the blank slate of a heroine, Ayshe, is so stupid and insecure she believes some random skank’s word when said skank says Carlo’s cheating with her.

And the hero just stands there and says nothing.

convenient bridegroom mills and boon

The heroine is so conflicted; this is all she can think about. But she never addresses this issue. To add insult to injsury, only in the last page is this “conflict” resolved over a few sentences.

This is this book’s idea of more drama: “Oh no I got the wrong veil!” or “Oh these flowers just won’t do! Mama will be so upset!”

I can read a book where the hero is an evil misogynist. At least even if the book is bad, it’s entertaining.

But this story was dull, dull, dull!

Final Analysis of A Convenient Bridegroom

A Convenient Bridegroom was so BORING–and that is the worst literary sin of all.

Rating Report Card
Fun Factor
Overall: 0.8


With just two weeks until the wedding, it was too late for Aysha Benini to back out of marrying Carlo Santangelo.

Everyone expected her to be a radiant bride, blissfully entering a marriage of convenience that would unite two powerful families…

Aysha would gain wealth, status – and a fabulously good-looking husband!

Only, she couldn’t ignore two painful facts: one, she desperately loved Carlo; two, he clearly had no intention of giving up his glamorous mistress.

Could she convince Carlo to be more than a convenient bridegroom?

A Convenient Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin