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The Book

The setting of Carnival, a Harlequin Intrigue by Jenna Ryan, is the dark, dreary English moors. It’s a well-plotted romantic suspense book that will keep you on your toes.

The Plot

There’s been a violent murder committed. American attorney Lexie Hudson is hired to represent the accused killer, Diana. She is young and inexperienced at her job but idealistic and hardworking.

Then there’s Rick Matheson, a handsome Australian carnie worker. He is anxious to help Lexie seek out clues and also keep her out of harm’s way.

But Rick is no ordinary laborer. He’s a Scotland Yard detective employed undercover to uncover the real murderer. Rick is also there to find the missing treasure that’s the motive for the homicide.

Lexie and Rick work together, following a labyrinthine trail of clues as they try to solve this mysterious puzzle. In the meantime, they fall in love. The two share quite a sexy relationship. Rick was a nice, protective hero, and I really liked him.

The Ending

Carnival was one of those mysteries with a HUGE twist at the end because the person who committed the crime was the least likely person to execute it. No, it wasn’t the hero or heroine. Let’s just say:


If you’ve seen…

…the Edward Norton & Richard Gere film Primal Fear

…then you’ll be able to guess who the killer is.


Final Analysis of Carnival

Carnival by Jenna Ryan was a good thriller. It’s not super memorable. Still, it’s a gripping read that will keep you turning the pages to see who-dun-it.

3 Stars


Nothing had prepared her for this

Thick fog seeping off the Devon moor. The brooding ruins of an alchemist’s castle. And the carnival itself, whose maze of tents and caravans hid the priceless Saxony jewels — and the identity of the carny who’d killed for them. Preparing her first criminal case, Lexie Hudson was glad of Australian roustabout Rick Matheson’s friendly face — frankly, the place spooked her.

But Lexie wasn’t too scared to pursue any and all leads, and that worried Rick, working undercover for Scotland Yard. His concern wasn’t entirely professional — he was greatly attracted to the young American lawyer, who wasn’t experienced enough to know that the gravest threat to her well-being was her burning desire to uncover the truth.


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