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Book Title Author Rating Series
Heart So Wild, AJohanna Lindsey4.5 Stars
Across a Starlit SeaRebecca Brandewyne4 Stars
Escape Not My LoveElaine Coffman5 Stars
Taming, TheJude Deveraux2 Stars
Masquers (aka Splendid Torment), TheNatasha Peters4 Stars
Love, Cherish MeRebecca Brandewyne5 Stars
StormfireChristine Monson5 Stars
Purity's Passion4 Stars
While Passion SleepsShirlee Busbee4 Stars
This Ravaged HeartBarbara Riefe3 Stars
Edin's EmbraceNadine Crenshaw5 StarsZebra Lovegram
So Wild a Rapture2.5 Stars
Passion's Proud Captive4 Stars
Innocent, TheBertrice Small1 Star
Escape From Desire3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #569
Moment of Desire5 Stars
Pirate's Love, AJohanna Lindsey1 Star
Tara's Song2 Stars
Purity's Ecstasy3.5 Stars
Perfect Couple, TheMaura Seger2 StarsSilhouette Intimate Moments #775
Stolen SpringLouisa Rawlings4.5 Stars
StormspellAnne Mather4.5 Stars
To Touch the Sun4 StarsHarlequin Historical #98
Winter's Heat 2.5 Stars
Wildcat5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #284
Beware of the StrangerJanet Dailey2.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #256
Texas TempestDeana James4 StarsZebra Lovegram
Different Worlds4 StarsHarlequin Temptation #332
Terms of Surrender4 StarsHarlequin Historical #46
Carnival3 StarsHarlequin Intrigue #138
Wicked Loving LiesRosemary Rogers5 Stars
GypsyCarole Mortimer3 StarsHarlequin Signature Edition
Magic of You, TheJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Taken By YouConnie Mason2 Stars
Lion Rock, TheSally Wentworth3 StarsHarlequin Presents #662
Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cents5 StarsSilhouette Desire #613
Raven4.5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Stay Through the Night3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #344
Change of LifeJudith Arnold2.5 StarsAmerican Romance #362
Coach to Hell, The2.5 Stars
Shattered DreamsSally Wentworth1.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #629
Beloved Enemy2 StarsZebra Heartfire
Come Back to Me1.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #1321
Curse of Kenton, The4.5 Stars
Surrender to LoveRosemary Rogers3 Stars
Highland VelvetJude Deveraux5 Stars
Lady of FireAnita Mills5 Stars
Love's Glorious GambleDana Ransom3 StarsZebra Heartfire
Texas TormentCatherine Creel2 StarsZebra Lovegram
LovespellDeana James4.5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Uncommon Vows5 Stars
Waterfalls of the Moon, TheAnne Mather3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #112
Captive MelodyNadine Crenshaw1 StarZebra Heartfire
Forever Mine, Valentine4.5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #288
Lightning That Lingers, The2.5 StarsLoveswept #25
Sweet Savage HeartJanelle Taylor5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Heir, TheJohanna Lindsey2 Stars
Kathleen's Surrender Nan Ryan5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Nelson's BrandDiana Palmer2 StarsSilhouette Desire #618
Red Rose For LoveCarole Mortimer5 StarsHarlequin Presents #522
Blood Red RosesKatherine Deauxville5 Stars
Sweet Prairie Passion5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Once a PrincessJohanna Lindsey2 Stars
Man in Control3 StarsCandlelight Ecstasy Supreme #35
Midnight CaptivePenelope Neri5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Then Came YouLisa Kleypas5 Stars
Forbidden FantasyTiffany White4 StarsHarlequin Temptation #367
SiroccoAnne Mather3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #683
So Speaks the HeartJohanna Lindsey4 Stars
Passion’s Treasure (aka Just Say Yes) Betina Krahn3 StarsZebra Heartfire
Cheap ThrillsTiffany White3.5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #318
Frost and the Flame, TheDrusilla Campbell4.5 Stars
Savage EcstasyJanelle Taylor3 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Ready, Willing and Abel4.5 StarsSilhouette Desire #590
Speak Only LoveDeana James3.5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Shadows On the Moon4 StarsMagnum Books #4200-14
RangoonChristine Monson3.5 Stars
Highland Fire3.5 StarsHarlequin Historical #91
Hearts of FireAnita Mills4 Stars
Tender Is the StormJohanna Lindsey3 Stars
Secret FireJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Passions Wild and FreeJanelle Taylor3 Stars
Love to Last Forever, A3.5 StarsCandlelight Ecstasy Supreme #126
Sarina4 Stars
Paradise and MoreShirl Henke4 Stars
A> LoverboyJudith Arnold4 StarsHarlequin American Romance #389
Dark Before the Rising Sun1.5 Stars
Jade Affair, The4.5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #326
Sunset TemptationJane Toombs1 StarZebra Heartfire
Silver Devil, TheTeresa Denys4.5 Stars
Honey Is Bitter, TheViolet Winspear4 StarsHarlequin Presents #6
Timeless LoveJudith Arnold4.5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #565
Too Many Husbands4.5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #282
Dreaming of YouLisa Kleypas4 Stars
Marriage on the ReboundMichelle Reid4 StarsHarlequin Presents #1973
Present, TheJohanna Lindsey3.5 Stars
Texas BlondeVictoria Thompson5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Angel in Scarlet4 Stars
For the Love of SaraAnne Mather2 StarsHarlequin Presents #148
Desert Slave3.5 StarsZebra Heartfire
Guilty LoveCharlotte Lamb5 StarsHarlequin Presents #1706
Other Woman, The3 StarsHarlequin Temptation #451
Wild One, The2 Stars
Hard To GetCarole Mortimer3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #724
Guarded Moments3.5 StarsHarlequin Temptation #296
Savage SurrenderCassie Edwards2 Stars
Sweet Savage LoveRosemary Rogers4 Stars
Woman HaterDiana Palmer3 StarsSilhouette Romance #532
Stranger In My ArmsLouisa Rawlings5 StarsHarlequin Historical #90
Colorado Jewel1 StarZebra Heartfire
Raven3.5 Stars
Lovers Touch2.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #1216
Melting Ice3 StarsHarlequin Romance (Special Subscription) #55
Texas TreasureVictoria Thompson3 StarsZebra Historical
Skye O'MalleyBertrice Small4 Stars
My Steadfast Heart2.5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
And Gold Was OursRebecca Brandewyne3.5 Stars
Nobility Ranch/ To Love a Lady4.5 StarsZebra Ballad
Charlotte1 StarBelmont Tower
Captive AngelDeana James5 StarsZebra Historical
Perfect Marriage, A3 StarsSilhouette Intimate Moments #621
Savage ObsessionCassie Edwards2 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Passionate Affair, AAnne Mather3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #563
Moon WitchAnne Mather3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #38
Gentle RogueJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Texas TriumphVictoria Thompson3 StarsZebra Lovegram
Wish on the MoonSally Wentworth4 StarsHarlequin Presents #1278
Defy Not the HeartJohanna Lindsey5 Stars
Yankee Mistress0.5 StarZebra Heartfire
Could It Be MagicGina Wilkins4 StarsHarlequin Temptation #283
Rebel VixenDana Ransom5 StarsZebra Heartfire
Nebraska Fires 4 StarsZebra Lovegram
Beloved Deceiver3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #1058
Heather1 Star
Dakota Flame2.5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Ecstasy's Fire3.5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Lady Bought With Rifles, AJeanne Williams3.5 Stars
Silver Link, The4 StarsHarlequin Historical #93
Angel's CaressDeana James1 StarZebra Historical Romance
Sheik, The5 Stars
These Golden Pleasures3 Stars
Texas TemptationGina Robins4 StarsZebra Lovegram
Outrageous Proposal, AnMiranda Lee4.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #1737
Bold Texas EmbraceVictoria Thompson2.5 StarsZebra Lovegram
ShannaKathleen E. Woodiwiss3.5 Stars
Pirate's Wild Embrace3 StarsZebra Lovegram
Passion's Paradise3 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Midnight FiresCarol Finch4 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Dark Fire4 StarsSilhouette Desire # 462
Savage RaptureSylvie F. Sommerfield4.5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Naked Flame, ACharlotte Lamb1 StarHarlequin Presents #747
Devil in a Silver RoomViolet Winspear5 StarsHarlequin Presents #5
Destiny's Splendor3.5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Mansion For My Love3 StarsHarlequin Presents #567
Tender SavagePhoebe Conn3 StarsZebra Lovegram
Liar's Moon3 StarsCandlelight Ecstasy Supreme #159
Passion's ChainsCatherine Creel4.5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Dangerous ObsessionNatasha Peters5 Stars
Traitor's Kiss3 StarsZebra Heartfire
Marriage War, TheCharlotte Lamb0.5 StarHarlequin Presents #1913
Lion's Lady, TheJulie Garwood4 Stars
Comanche BrideEmma Merritt3 StarsZebra Lovegram
Rumor Has It5 StarsHarlequin Romance #3040
Cherish Me, Embrace MeSylvie F. Sommerfield5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Italian's Wife, TheLynne Graham3.5 StarsHarlequin Presents #2235
Glory Days1 StarHarlequin Temptation #308
Comanche Love SongCheryl Black0.5 StarZebra Heartfire
Savage PossessionMargaret Pargeter4 StarsHarlequin Presents #366
Night FireCatherine Coulter4 Stars
Ride the Free WindF. Rosanne Bittner5 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Once More With FeelingNora Roberts4 StarsSilhouette Intimate Moments #2
Love's Fiery Jewel Elaine Barbieri1 StarZebra Historical Romance
Defiant EcstasyJanelle Taylor4 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Rapture's RansomBetina Krahn4 StarsZebra Historical Romance
Sweet Savage SurrenderKathryn Hockett0.5 StarZebra Lovegram
Passion's SlaveKay McMahon1 Star
Tempt Not This FleshBarbara Riefe2 Stars
White Lion's LadyLara Adrian, Tina St. John5 StarsIvy Books
Golden Sovereigns, TheJocelyn Carew4.5 Stars
Lone Star SurrenderCarol Finch5 StarsZebra Lovegram
Hearts AflameJohanna Lindsey4 Stars

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