Historical Romance Review: Autumn’s Fury by Emma Merritt

autumn's fury historical romance review
Autumn's Fury by Emma Merritt
Rating: five-stars
Published: 1986
Illustrator: Oliviero Berni
Imprint or Line: Zebra Lovegram
Published by: Kensington
Genres: Historical Romance, Colonial Era Romance, Native American Romance
Format: Paperback
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Reviewed by: Blue Falcon

Historical Romance Review: Autumn’s Fury by Emma Merritt


The Book

It’s inevitable that with all the books published each year, a quality book will fall through the cracks. Such is the case with 1986’s Autumn’s Fury by Emma Merritt, a lovely Indian romance. It has a bit of Stockholm Syndrome to it, but not as much as some other books in the genre.

The Plot

Part One of Autumn’s Fury

Catherine Graystone is an Englishwoman in the late 1500s in what is now North Carolina. She lives with her sister, Ellen, and moved to America after her parents passed away.

Catherine is beautiful, smart-she can read, write and cipher-and strong. She is skilled with bows, arrows, war clubs, etc. These days, she would be referred to as a “tomboy.”

One day while bathing, she is spied upon by Lone Wolf, the hero of the book. Lone Wolf is a war chief of the Scupperongac Indian tribe, whose land borders that of the white settlers that Catherine lives with.

They are immediately attracted to each other. However, they realize there are issues that keep them apart. One day, after one of the settlers kills an Indian maiden, who Lone Wolf was to marry, the settlers make a deal with the Scupperongacs to avoid bloodshed.

Per tribal custom, one settler would become a slave to the Scupperongacs to take the place of the dead maiden. Lone Wolf chooses Catherine as his slave, much to the dismay of her sister. Catherine, trying to avoid a further issue, goes willingly with Lone Wolf.

Part Two of Autumn’s Fury

As time goes on, Catherine becomes more involved with both Scupperongac culture and Lone Wolf and falls in love with him. She also makes friends and is an enemy of another Scupperongac warrior woman, Happy Woman.

There is one other issue separating Catherine and Lone Wolf: his promise to marry a maiden from another tribe, the Lumbroans, to unite their tribes in solidarity against other tribes.

Catherine, coming from white culture, cannot accept the idea of Lone Wolf being married to another woman. She tries to fight her feelings for him, but she loves him too much.

Eventually, the Lumbroan maiden, Little Doe, falls in love with another Scupperongac brave and releases Lone Wolf from his promise, leaving him free to marry Catherine, who is his only love.

The Upside and the Downside

While there are elements of Stockholm Syndrome in this book–at the beginning of her enslavement when Lone Wolf takes Catherine to his tribal village, Catherine objects vehemently, and there are harsh words exchanged between her and Lone Wolf–it’s not really focused on that much.

Instead, both realize early on that they are attracted to each other and love each other. Catherine earns the respect and love of everyone in the Scupperongacs, including Happy Woman, who becomes a friend and ally later on.

If one is a fan of Indian romance, then Autumn’s Fury by Emma Merritt is a good book to own. Catherine and Lone Wolf as opposed to reading a book. That is what makes this book great. Whether it’s a book, movie, or television show, the best of these genres that I enjoy the most are those that make me care about the people I’m reading about or watching.

If I don’t care about the people, then I cannot enjoy what I’m reading or watching. Ms. Merritt made me care about her characters.


A few sex scenes, which were pretty graphic for 1986, when this book was published.


There are a few scenes of violence, especially toward the end of the book, but nothing overly graphic.

Bottom Line on Autumn’s Fury

If one is a fan of Indian romance, then Autumn’s Fury by Emma Merritt is a good book to own.

4 Stars

Rating Report Card
Fun Factor
Overall: 4.9


Headstrong and beautiful, Catherine Graystone was determined to help establish a settlement in North Carolina despite the danger – especially to her heart. For as innocent as she was, Catherine knew her destiny from the moment she met the Indian Lone Wolf. He aroused her desire with just one kiss that seared her lips and branded her soul. She knew it was wrong to love an Indian warrior, yet Catherine was sure that it would be Lone Wolf who would teach her the joys of forbidden ecstasy…and forever ignite the flames of her love…

Lone Wolf had known many women, but none had captured his heart the way Catherine had…Her auburn hair and ruby lips beckoned him to take her into his arms and her creamy white flesh and twinkling eyes invited his tender caress. Lone Wolf felt an awakening of desire – a hunger that he hadn’t experienced with any of the maidens of his own tribe. He would make Catherine his captive, his slave of love – until she would willingly surrender to the magic of Autumn’s Fury…

Autumn’s Fury by Emma Merritt

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