Category Romance Review: The Lady in the Mirror by Judith Arnold

The Lady in the Mirror, Judith Arnold, Harlequin, 1995, cover artist unknown

Harlequin Temptation #561

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Reviewed by Blue Falcon

The Book & Characters

This review is of The Lady in the Mirror, book #10 in the “Bachelor Arms series and the first of two books in the series written by Judith Arnold, a pseudonym for Barbara Keiler. (Harlequin Temptation #561, November 1995).

Heroine: Jessica (Jessie) Gale, 27. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Social worker and owner-operator of Rainbow House, a social service center for runaways.

Hero: Clint McCreary, 30. Black hair, gray eyes. Former New York City police officer. Recent law school graduate. Clint has a job with the Bronx County DA’s office when he goes back east. (He doesn’t).

The Plot

The book begins with John Clinton “Clint” McCreary, former New York City police officer and the book’s hero, having just arrived in Los Angeles from New York in search of his missing half-sister, Diana. The first person he meets in Los Angeles is Jessie Gale, the heroine of the book. Jessie is a social worker who owns and runs a social services center for teenage runaways.

From the moment they meet, Clint and Jessie are attracted to each other, although they do have ideological differences.

In the end, Jessie and Clint become lovers, and they rescue Diana without any drama or trauma. Clint decides to stay out west, marries Jessie, and they have their Happily Ever After. 


Jessie and Clint are both fairly nice characters. 


Sadly, Jessie and Clint don’t get much beyond the “nice” category. They’re not the most interesting characters in the “Bachelor Arms” series and I didn’t feel a lot of emotional connection or passion from them. The only real emotion in the book comes in Chapter 10, where Jessie and we learn about Clint’s past trauma. 


The love scenes between Jessie and Clint are fairly mild. 


One scene of assault and battery. 

Bottom Line

The Lady in the Mirror is an about-average book. No more, no less. 2.77 stars.

Tropes: Ex-cop. Los Angeles. Runaway. Social Worker.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

3 Stars

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