Covers of the Week #75 – Gothic Romances

gothic romance covers

Theme: Gothic Romance Covers for Halloween

Gothic romance covers stick to a standard formula. A beautiful woman flees from a castle, mansion, manor, or plantation. Usually, the images are set at night, presumably in late fall or early winter, as the trees are bare of leaves and appear menacing with long, needle-like branches reaching out into the darkness.

In the hands of a talented artist, these images can appear fresh even as they adhere to the form.

It’s almost Halloween, and no genre in romance captures the essence of this frightful holiday better than Gothics do. We’re celebrating the holiday of Tricks or Treats with hauntingly gorgeous cover art.

The Covers

We wonder what evil lurks behind those windows and inside the imposing walls of those homes. Or does the danger lurk outside, luring these women to their doom?

This week from Monday, October 24, 2022, to Sunday, October 30, 2022, for this installment of our Covers of the Week, we’re displaying some eerie Gothic covers where the heroine cannot hide her terror nor escape it.

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