Poll: What Is the Best Era for Romance Novels?

best era for romance

What Era or Decade is Best for Romance?

Please vote in this poll for what you think is the best era in the romance genre.

Is there a golden age for books about love?

Do you like modern romances, or are you an old-school fan? If so, is there a decade in the 20th century that you like best?

Just check the circle next to your choice and click on the VOTE button to submit.

Thanks for Voting

Your opinion is appreciated! Your vote helps us assess what romance books to review and what eras in the genre to cover.

3 thoughts on “Poll: What Is the Best Era for Romance Novels?”

  1. Thanks, Jacqueline. My fave romance era isn’t restricted to a decade, but I voted for the 1970s. That’s when I discovered the genre.

    For me a good era in anything isn’t so much a period bound by years. It’s bound by an attitude, a spirit. A commitment to a set of goals and ideals on the part of the creators and consumers.

    Therefore I’m trying to keep alive the spirit of romance that I first fell in love with. No matter how much the world has changed. Including today’s romance genre.

    1. That’s a wonderful way to put it Mary Anne, I’m going to tweak the Poll to add an answer like that. For me, there really is no best decade of romance, although there is a general overall time period and it’s not the modern era for me LOL.

      It’s nice to see you again I hope you’re doing well. I’m so happy that it’s Autumn as it’s my favorite time of the year and always puts me in good spirits. I hope you’re in good spirits as well! All the best to you take care.

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