Happy One Year Birthday to Sweet Savage Flame

Today Is Our Birthday!

It’s March 30, 2022! Today is our one-year birthday. Sweet Savage Flame is a little late to the party, even our own. It’s because we’re night owls, so days don’t start until late morning for us.

One year ago today, we uploaded our first post to this blog/ website, Welcome to Sweet Savage Flame.

We had modest ideas for what we’d be doing. Now we’re branching out to be amateur historical record keepers of the romance genre.

Therefore, we’re here and ready to celebrate. Up until now, this site has published about 450 articles and reviews. Furthermore, we have almost 90 dedicated pages you can visit. That’s a lot posting for 365 days. We’ve slowed our posting pace down a bit.

However, we’re still busy as ever, reading more books and engaging in more research.

We’re Officially 1 Year Old!

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Since we’re a year old, we’re no longer newbies. The last couple of months have been bumpy. Our site crashed in February, causing us to revamp and rebuild it from the bottom up. Thankfully, we’ve learned from our growing pains and plan to make things more exciting.

Plus, building a community is vital to us. We’re a little shy and not as socially active as we should be. But please don’t hesitate to comment on articles or reviews. And why not give our new Forum a try and strike up conversations with fellow readers

Thank You For a Great Year

It’s been an amazing, although very educational, year for us. We’ve been learning a lot of the ropes as we go along, so Sweet Savage Flame is thankful our readers have stuck by through the ups and downs.

Below is a mix of some of our top-rated articles and some of the more under-seen posts.

Your Opinion

As always, we’d love to hear what you have to think.

Where have we succeeded in our endeavors? Moreover, what could we do to make this site cater more to your needs? Do you think we should expand our scope further back in the past or more into the future? Or do you like that one of the only sites devoted to throwback romances?

Please, drop a comment, and let’s talk romance!

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Old-School, retro, and vintage romance reads are my jam, baby! The good, the bad, the cheesy, and the sleazy! I have no shame about it; I love ’em! An auto-didact, amateur historian, and reader of romance novels since 1990, I hope to offer a unique perspective on the genre. As a blogger, you may know me by several names; here, I’m Jacqueline Diaz. I’m also the aspiring author of two works-in-progress, historical romances, The Savage Noble and What She Says with Her Eyes, which hopefully will be released in 2023.

4 thoughts on “Happy One Year Birthday to Sweet Savage Flame

  1. Loverofromance

    Congrats on this! I just recently discovered your blog, but I love the unique content you bring to the community. So welcome to a great blogging world! Cheers to great blessings and I hope you grow in all the best of ways.


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