Romance Cover Model: Fabio Lanzoni

@Vintagegeekculture Take’s on Fabio

Of all the blog posts and articles about Fabio that I’ve perused on the web, the following was my favorite. @Vintagegeekculture at Tumblr gets it. I’ll leave you with his take on Fabio.

1 thought on “Romance Cover Model: Fabio Lanzoni”

  1. Thanks, Jacqueline. I was into romance fiction back when Fabio became a big popcult figure because of his work as a cover model.

    But I was no fan of his. I felt kind embarrassed by him, and especially by his fame. He was just too over-the-top. Not my idea of a romantic hero. Much less an ideal man.

    But nowadays I really dig him! Fabio is a great figure of nostalgic and romantic fun. Over the top is just right for me. It took a while, but I’m finally in on the joke, as you put it.

    The image of Fabio in his prime hasn’t changed. But I have.

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