Covers of the Week #7

Romance is in the air! For the week of May 24 to May 30, here are some lovely Frank Kalan covers painted for the Harlequin Romance line. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Covers of the Week #7

  1. Iris

    Yes! Kalan’s work is distinctive–his use of color, and a seriousness to his faces. He just wasn’t interested in getting his sig within the frame I guess.

  2. Iris

    I’m glad I found your new site; so much work but the used book store is a fabulous idea.
    For the life of me I can’t find the sigs on Kalan’s work–though the beauty of his backgrounds is sometimes diagnostic. Am I missing it or are you basing it on style alone? Often the only way, though I tend to second guess myself endlessly.

    1. jacquelinediaz

      Hello Iris! Glad to see you here. I didn’t get a notification on the comment; I have to fix my settings. With Kalan, I was fortunate to find tons of links for his artwork, as he’s had numerous showings in Canada which have been documented. After a while, I got a sense of his style, but without the sig, it’s hard to confirm all of the ones I suspect are him. Once I have a page devoted to Kalan I’ll put all the links there, but for now, the links are on the Cover Links page.

      The Used Book store isn’t that much work, once I set up templates for specific categories, all I have to do is put in a picture & cut and paste the info. It’s the packing & shipping that’s a pain. But I have too many books, so it’s time to sell them. I figure if I run this store site for a year, I’ll clear out most. If not, I’ll try e-bay again.

      Happy reading!


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