Reading Slumps and How to Get Over Them

So you’re in a reading slump. What can you do? In many cases, losing your reading mojo is a normal experience for people who read books on a regular basis. We know a few methods to reignite your love of fiction.

reaing slump

Sweet Savage Flame’s 6 Heat Levels in Romances

In romance novels, heat levels can range from as tepid as room temperature to as hot as the sun. Sweet Savage Flame has created a list with what we think are 6 different levels of heat in romances. These range from no heat to closed and open-door love scenes to pornography.

Asian or Pacific Islander Heroines in Retro Romances

Last week we posted a list of Asian-descended heroes in old school or retro romances. Here, were have a more comprehensive collection of pre-2000s romances with heroines of Oriental heritage.

8 Irish Romances Set in the Emerald Isle

As it is St. Patrick’s Day, we thought you might be in the mood for something a little bit Irish. These eight old-school historical romances are set on the Emerald Isle. We’ll be reading Irish romances on March 17. Whatever way you’re spending your day, spend it doing something you love!

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5 Signs You May Be Addicted To Romance Novels

Do you primarily read romance? So do tens of millions of people worldwide! Perhaps you think your reading has become an obsession? We can help you identify the symptoms of romance addiction. Our team at Sweet Savage Flame has pinpointed five signs that may indicate an unhealthy dependency on this bestselling genre.

5 signs addicted to romance

10 Vintage Romance Authors Relevant Today

These authors have been successful in the romance genre for 25, 30, or even 40 years. Their contributions to the industry are numerous. These women have won many awards and sold tens of millions of books.

10 vintage

6 Sensational Silhouette Category Romances

The American-based Silhouette imprint ran from 1980 to 2011. They produced several innovative series during the years, starting with the Romance line, then Desire, Special Edition, Intimate Moments, and more. We’ve picked one shining example from 6 of their lines. We think you’ll like our selections!


6 Horrifying Villainous Heroes in Harlequin Presents

Since Halloween is just around the corner it’s time to take a look at the scary side of romance. The Harlequin Presents line was notorious for the cruelty some male protagonists could inflict upon their heroines. Some of these books are surprisingly well-written. Yet the horrific truth is that these heroes were villains.

6 Harlequin Presents Villains

15 Old School Historical Romances That Revolutionized the Genre

These 15 Historical Romances published before 2000 either caused radical changes in the romance novel industry or they are so pivotal and unforgettable, they are must-reads. Please note, we at Sweet Savage Flame may not have read all books ourselves, but recognize their importance to the genre. Our aim is to review all books on this list if we haven’t already.

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5 Great Vintage Romance Heroines and 5 Great Romances

Enjoy this list of 5 Great Vintage Romance Heroines from 5 Great Romances. From Gothic, Category and Historical Romance, we’ve got it covered. May you love these strong heroines as much as we do!

5 Great Vintage Romance Heroines and 5 Great Romances List

10 Must Read Category Romance Authors From the 20th C. List

We’ve listed 10 category romance authors from the 20th Century who were so incredibly successful or influenced the genre in revolutionary ways. These authors are must-reads for lovers of old-school or vintage romance.

10 category romance authors
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