24 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples & Friends to Enjoy

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a fun day (or night). Here are 12 ways couples and 12 ways friends can appreciate this day dedicated to love together.

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12 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas for Celebrating This Year

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner is special, no matter what activities you engage in. But if you’re looking for something unique or are stumped for ideas, we’ve got a dozen off the tops of our heads that might thrill you!

  1. Taste finger foods or desserts together.
  2. Write love letters to each other and exchange them over a candlelit dinner.
  3. Make a surprise scavenger hunt for your partner, with clues leading to a special gift or sexy surprise.
  4. Plan a surprise weekend getaway to a romantic location, such as a cozy cabin in the mountains or a beachfront resort.
  5. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  6. Take a dance class together and learn a new style of dance.
  7. Have a movie night at home and watch sexy films together. We recommend Secretary starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
  8. Cook a romantic dinner together at home, with candlelight and soft music.
  9. Read your favorite romantic passages from romance novels to each other. See who can last the longest: who gets turned on first… or who laughs first!
  10. Have an erotic game night at home with your favorite board games or card games, only the loser of each round strips off a piece of their clothing!
  11. Plan a surprise picnic in a picturesque location or indoors. Make clothing optional.
  12. Recreate your first date. If you can’t make it to the same destination, recreate it at home with what ever’s handy!
valentine's day activities for friends
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12 Activities for Friends to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to get together with friends and celebrate the day of love. Here are 12 fun activities that you and a friend can do together to make the holiday special.

  1. Get ready for a movie marathon featuring romantic comedies or romantic films.
  2. Put your cooking skills to the test and whip up something special together.
  3. Take a day trip taking pictures of your hometown’s or nearby cities’ tourist attractions.
  4. Pamper yourself and your bestie with an at-home spa day that includes pedicures, manicures, and facials.
  5. Dine out at a fancy restaurant. You’re guaranteed a great night out with your BFF as your date.
  6. Throw a crafting party and make some DIY gifts together, such as a scrapbook or photo album, to remember your special moments together.
  7. Enjoy a game night with friends, whether tabletop games, RPGs, or video games!
  8. Spend some quality time volunteering together in the community.
  9. Learn a new hobby like dancing or cooking together.
  10. Explore nature on a hike surrounded by tranquil scenery.
  11. Go out for a night of dancing or karaoke. Be silly, go wild and have fun!
  12. Sample different wines or cocktails for a memorable tasting experience!

Your Opinion

How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day? Will your date be with your romantic partner or your best friend? Or will you be relaxing with yourself? Or is Valentine’s Day just another day on the calendar for you?

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