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Hello, everyone! T.S. Eliot wrote that April is the cruelest month, and it’s certainly been a tumultuous one. I’m thankful it’s almost over, and that May will soon be upon us in all its flowery glory.

It’s hard to believe this vintage romance blog is only a month old, as it’s taken up so much of my time trying to put it together. Besides researching authors, publishing houses, and cover artists, I’ve been reviewing books and tweaking the site to make it more user-friendly with plenty of links and additions to the menu.

Used Book Store

You may have noticed there’s now a STORE attached to this blog site. I’ve decided some Spring cleaning is on the agenda, so I’m reducing my library by selling used books. I have many, many books to sell, but there are few, if any, doubles, so it’s first-come, first-serve if you find something you’d like to purchase from my vintage-and-not-so-vintage collection.

The conditions of the books range from excellent to acceptable for reading, and they are priced to sell. Shipping and handling is a default flat rate of $4 for Media Mail anywhere in the US. If you wish for a faster delivery method, please amend your order to First Class, which is a $6 flat rate, or to Priority Mail, which is a $9 flat rate.

This flat rate is for orders of 10 books or fewer. Larger purchases may require insurance or additional packaging, so please inquire about shipping costs before ordering. If you would like to ship to Canada or the UK, please send inquiries for the cost.

Sweet Savage Flame: The Podcast

Back on April 3rd, I blogged about some of the history of the romance novel industry and its roots in bodice rippers:

Well, I’ve decided to branch out from writing to blogging and now to podcasting. My first Anchor podcast is a repeat of that discussion, with a little more depth, and currently can be found here on Spotify:

Financial Support for the Site & Podcast

If you’re feeling generous, you can support the podcast at Anchor – Jacqueline Diaz Romance Support.

Or, if you prefer, I would gladly welcome any donations to keep this site up and running. It’s getting so busy that I’d like to take on some part-time help, if at least to help with reviews! I’ve committed to reviewing and researching both historical and “contemporary” vintage romance, so many more reviews have been added to this site.

More Additions and Updates to Come

I will continue to be adding more information and pictures to current pages as well as uploading new pages. Please subscribe to SweetSavageFlame.com to keep updated on any changes or new blog posts. If you have any recommendations or requests for reviews, please comment or email me at jacquelinediazromance@gmail.com

Happy reading and may your days be filled with sunshine and joy!

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