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Old-school historical romances were quite diverse in settings, ranging from the Occident to the Orient, from the Middle East to everywhere in Europe to the Americas. In my time reading these books, I’ve come across several ways to say “my love,” “my beloved,” or “my darling” in various languages. As language is very nuanced, there are many words of love you can express among your friends, family, lovers, pets, etc.

I’ve tried to compile some ways to share intimate words with the one you love most in various languages.

Is your language on this list? If not, how do you say these words and phrases in your native language? Please, drop a comment and let’s talk romance!

LANGUAGEMy Love/ My Beloved or My Dear/My DarlingI love you.
Arabic(f) habibti; (m) habibi Ana uHibbuki. (to a female)
Ana uHibbuka. (to a male)
Ana Ahabak. (to a male)
French(f) ma chère; (m) mon cher (darling)
mon amour (my love)
Je t’aime.
German mein(e) Liebling (my darling)
mein(e) Schatz (my sweetheart)
Ich liebe dich.
Greek agápi Se agapó. S’agapó.
Irish mo stór (my love)
mo chuisle (my heartbeat)
Tá grá agam duit.
Tá mo chroí istigh ionat. (Besotted love)
Italian (f) cara (m) caro Ti amo.
Norweigian elsket  Jeg elsker deg.
Portuguese (f) querida (m) querido (my darling)
(f) amada (m) amado (my love)
Eu te amo.
Spanish (f) querida (m) querido; (my darling)
(f) amada (m) amado (my love)
Te quiero. (I want you/I love you, casual)
Te amo. (More intense; said to spouses)
Welsh cariad (my love)Rwy’n dy garu di. (formal, poetic)
Fi’n caru ti. (North Wales)
Dwi’n caru chdi. (South Wales)

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