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Vintage & Retro Romances on Kindle Unlimited #2

retro romance kindle

More Retro Romance Books on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has many retro romance novels on Kindle Unlimited. Many of these novels were formerly out of print and are now available for you to read on your e-reader.

Can’t afford all those expensive paperbacks? Do you–like me–have trouble reading the tiny fonts on the yellowed pages of old books? Then you may want to invest in this program.

Amazon’s KU costs $9.99 a month. They have an introductory price of $4.99 for new subscribers for the first two months. With this subscription, you can read as many e-books as you can within a month for “free.”

If you are a fast reader or have lots of time to dedicate to this hobby, KU may be for you.

While not all books listed on Amazon are part of this deal, there are thousands of reads to choose from. These old-school or retro romances are currently available on Kindle Unlimited.

Amanda Ashley

a darker dream amanda ashley pino

Available Books

Amanda Ashley (a pseudonym for Madeline Baker) has her series of mid-1990s vampire romance books available on Kindle Unlimited:

Madeline Baker

whisper in wind

Available Books

Madeline Baker has 18 romances on Kindle Unlimited, including these 5 Native American time-travel romances:

Jo Beverley

the shattered rose jo beverley

Available Books

The late historical romance author Jo Beverley has several books on Kindle Unlimted.

Shirlee Busbee

while passion sleeps bennett

We’ve covered some Shirlee Busbee romances that were on KU before. Here is a complete list of all her books you can find there.

Available Books

Jackie Collins

Available Books

Jackie Collins‘ sizzling potboilers aren’t really romances. However, they feature heavy romantic elements, and they usually have happy endings for their protagonists. Some, in fact, do qualify as “accidental romances”.

Collins wrote engaging–albeit raunchy–reads that are tons of fun. She’s one of my favorite authors.

Marilyn Harris

this other eden

Marilyn Harris’ hard-to-find romantic–yet tragic–family saga about the Eden family is finally available in e-format for $2.99 each. But if you have KU, you can read it for “free.”

Available Books

Look Out For More Romance on Kindle Unlimited

Look out for more old-school, vintage & retro romance reads on Kindle Unlimited. If we find any free e-book offers or reads that are available with your Prime subscription, we’ll let you know.

Vintage and Retro Romance on Kindle Unlimited #1

romance kindle

10 Retro Romance Books on Kindle Unlimited

Have you heard about Amazon‘s Kindle Unlimited? If you subscribe to the program, you already know there are many books you can read for a fixed monthly fee. Not just new books are available. These old-school, vintage, and retro romances are available at Kindle Unlimted.

The original cover editions are followed by an image that links to Amazon. These are books you can read “for free” with your KU account.

If you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited account, don’t worry. You can still order these e-book versions at relatively low prices. We’ll be looking for more deals for vintage romance on Kindle in the future!

Love Only Once by Sherry Roseberry 

retro romance kindle unlimited
Love Only Once, Sherry Roseberry, Diamond Books, 1993, Leslie Pellegrino-Peck


After her father’s death, there’s nothing left in St. Louis for Falisha Harrington except her prosperous mail-order-bride business. But somehow, that just isn’t enough for her anymore, so she decides to take the place of one of the brides. But on the way to New Mexico, she’s abducted–to be sold into white slavery.

Pale Rose by Marjorie Bowen

romance kindle unlimited
Pale Rose, Marjorie Bowen, Zebra, 1977


As fragile as a rose, as tough as a nettle, would she be crushed by the war—or live to bloom?

As a foreigner in France at the outbreak of the Revolution, Anne Morley had refused to heed all warnings to leave…For the Chateau de Ste. Claude was far from the bread riots of Paris, and nothing could intrude upon its serenity.

Then the Revolution had taken hold there, too. Suddenly, there was no decision to make: escape was impossible.

Could Anne survive by masquerading as the exquisite countess—whose fortune made her a target for the Rebels? Or could she play the role of a courtesan to men who might provide safety and protection in exchange for her favors?

Would the Pale Rose wither and die or would the Pale Rose blossom into one of the most powerful women in France?

Emerald Desire by Lynette Vinette

kindle unlimited
Emerlad Desire, Lynette Vinet, Leisure, 1985,


She was married to another man and had promised fidelity, but her body honored no such promise. . .

As wild and beautiful as the Irish countryside, Dera Brennan knew from the first that Quint Flannery was the only man she would ever love. Ignoring her family’s warnings, she gave herself to Quint with passionate abandon. He was hers and hers alone until she found him in another woman’s arms.

To spite her faithless lover, Dera impetuously married Lord Fairfax, an imperious English aristocrat, and Quint’s enemy. Yet even separated from Quint by a vast chasm of wealth and privilege, Dera yearned for his hungry, punishing kisses. Not even the cold brilliance of diamonds could quench a desire burning with emerald-bright intensity.

Heaven in His Arms by Lisa Ann Verge

retro romance kindle unlimited
Heaven in His Arms, Lisa Ann Verge, Zebra, 1995


From a City of Depravity…
The illegitimate daughter of a courtesan, Genevieve Lalande struggles to survive on the dangerous streets of Louis XIV’s Paris. Desperate for a new life, she trades identities with a woman chosen to be a mail-order bride…and is soon bound for the new French colony of Quebec.

…To a Savage Wilderness
A rugged loner who prowls the frigid Canadian wilderness like a sensual lion, Andre Lefebvre is furious to learn he must wed in order to keep his fur-trading license. He selects the pale, seasick Genevieve, believing she can’t possibly survive in such a harsh, unyielding land.

…And a Wild Love
Yet as they embark on a perilous journey into soaring mountains and rushing rivers, neither Andre nor Genevieve can know their true destination: the unexplored regions of desire that await two wary hearts hiding secrets…and hungry for love.

Amazon Lilly by Theresa Weir

retro romance kindle unlimited
Amazon Lilly, Theresa Weir, Pocket Books, 1988, Morgan Kane artist


On a mission to aid the native Indians, lovely Corey McKinney met up with Asher Adams, the rugged and strikingly handsome pilot who would take her deep into the jungle…and to unknown dangers and desires. He was a man hardened by the wilderness and by life, drawn to protect the delicate Midwestern beauty, destined to love her with all his soul. But as proud Corey proved her daring, guts and strength, she fought her wild attraction to this powerful, sensuous man…and adventurer whose rough manner hid a gentle heart and a heroic mission.

Far from civilization, his passion carried her to unknown lands of rapture, to adventures of ecstasy that left her thirsting for more. Then, in love and courage, she would risk her life for his…But only when fate threatened to part them forever would they face the greatest challenge of all… 

Beloved Enemy by Amanda York (aka Joan Dial)

retro romance kindle unlimited
Beloved Enemy, Amanda York, Pocket Books, 1978, Harry Bennett artist


Love dares all!
From lavish European ballrooms to exotic Caribbean islands, amidst private intrigue and raging war, Lanna Malford knew the ecstasy and torment of love. Driven from one man to another, from the one who adored her to the one who claimed her in heartless revenge, she was ruled by them both…forever stung by the fervor of her dreams…by the love that should never have been.

Fires of Destiny Linda Barlow

vintage romance kindle
Fires of Destiny, Linda Barlow, Onyx, 1986


Loves endures, even in the face of danger and death.

As a child, Alexandra Douglas adored her older, wilder friend Roger Trevor, a troubled lad who turned his back on his family. Ten years as a sellsword and pirate have transformed Roger into a darkly handsome but enigmatic stranger. His sudden return to his father’s castle causes a passionate uproar in the bookish and otherwise sensible Alix.

Dangerous to know…
Surprised by his unlikely desire for his childhood friend, Roger is determined to encase his heart in ice. Haunted by his past and trapped in a lethal web of intrigue, he fears entangling Alix in a plot that could doom them both to a traitor’s death.

But destiny has set them on colliding paths, and Roger can no more resist the fire in Alix than she can turn away from his increasingly ardent touch.

(Note this is a revised edition, different from the original paperback)

Love In the Wind by Madeline Baker

vintage romance kindle
Love In the Wind, Madeline Baker, Dorchester, 1986, Renato Aime



Shattered by grief at her fiance’s death, lovely Katy Marie Alvarez decided to enter a convent. But fate had other plans. En route to her destination, the coach in which Katy traveled was attacked by Indians, and Katy, the lone survivor, was taken captive. Thus she became the slave of the handsome, arrogant Cheyenne warrior known as Iron Wing. Quickened by desire that transformed hatred into love, both were soon ablaze with an erotic flame that neither time nor treachery could quench.

Embrace the Night by Amanda Ashley

embrace the night kindle unlimited
Embrace the Night, Amanda Ashley, Dorchester, 1999


Cursed by the darkness, he searches through the ages for the redeeming light, the one who can save him. She fears the handsome stranger whose eyes promise ecstasy while his mouth whispers dark secrets. Apart, they will face a destiny of despair. Together, they will share an undying passion.

Scarlet Ribbons by Judith E. French

vintage romance kindle
Scarlet Ribbons, Judith E. French, Avon, 1988, Melissa Duilo Gallo artist



From “RT’s Historical Romance Lifetime Achievement Author” comes the gripping tale of the struggle of a young English woman who fled London’s slums, survived a perilous journey sea journey across the Atlantic, was sold as a bondservant to a brutal colonial master, and then forced to marry her rapist. After her husband’s mysterious disappearance, Sarah faces constant danger from the troops who stay as guests as she runs the tavern and inn. She trusts no man.

When undercover agent and officer Forest Irons saves Sarah from a pack of deserters, she accepts his plea for employment at her tavern and inn. Forest soon develops feelings for Sarah, but he suspects she murdered her abusive husband and honor requires him to put his mission first. But desire ignites between them like a lit powder keg. Through his lovemaking and attention, Sarah begins to trust again and harbors fantasies about their future together. When her husband’s relatives threaten to lay claim to her husband’s stake in the inn and take her son away, she joins forces with Forest. If the Hessian soldiers find them, it will mean death. But the greatest danger to their budding love affair is the betrayal Sarah feels when she discovers Forest’s real identity.