Vintage & Retro Romances on Kindle Unlimited #2

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More Retro Romance Books on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has many retro romance novels on Kindle Unlimited. Many of these novels were formerly out of print and are now available for you to read on your e-reader.

Can’t afford all those expensive paperbacks? Do you–like me–have trouble reading the tiny fonts on the yellowed pages of old books? Then you may want to invest in this program.

Amazon’s KU costs $9.99 a month. They have an introductory price of $4.99 for new subscribers for the first two months. With this subscription, you can read as many e-books as you can within a month for “free.”

If you are a fast reader or have lots of time to dedicate to this hobby, KU may be for you.

While not all books listed on Amazon are part of this deal, there are thousands of reads to choose from. These old-school or retro romances are currently available on Kindle Unlimited.

Amanda Ashley

a darker dream amanda ashley pino

Available Books

Amanda Ashley (a pseudonym for Madeline Baker) has her series of mid-1990s vampire romance books available on Kindle Unlimited:

Madeline Baker

whisper in wind

Available Books

Madeline Baker has 18 romances on Kindle Unlimited, including these 5 Native American time-travel romances:

Jo Beverley

the shattered rose jo beverley

Available Books

The late historical romance author Jo Beverley has several books on Kindle Unlimted.

Shirlee Busbee

while passion sleeps bennett

We’ve covered some Shirlee Busbee romances that were on KU before. Here is a complete list of all her books you can find there.

Available Books

Jackie Collins

Available Books

Jackie Collins‘ sizzling potboilers aren’t really romances. However, they feature heavy romantic elements, and they usually have happy endings for their protagonists. Some, in fact, do qualify as “accidental romances”.

Collins wrote engaging–albeit raunchy–reads that are tons of fun. She’s one of my favorite authors.

Marilyn Harris

this other eden

Marilyn Harris’ hard-to-find romantic–yet tragic–family saga about the Eden family is finally available in e-format for $2.99 each. But if you have KU, you can read it for “free.”

Available Books

Look Out For More Romance on Kindle Unlimited

Look out for more old-school, vintage & retro romance reads on Kindle Unlimited. If we find any free e-book offers or reads that are available with your Prime subscription, we’ll let you know.

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