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Romance Authors With Pseudonyms


Romance Pen Names (aka Noms de Plume, Aliases, and Author Pseudonyms)

How many romance authors use their real names to write books? Certainly not all of them!

The use of pseudonyms exists in all fields of writing. Author and raconteur Mark Twain was born Samuel “Longhorn” Clemens. George Eliot was a woman named Mary Ann Evans. Even J.K. Rowling shortened her real name, Joanne Kathleen, to publish her Harry Potter blockbusters.

In the romance genre, an author might use a pen-name for various reasons. Perhaps their real name lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

Some romance writers produce fiction in multiple genres, so they use different names. There are male novelists who want to appeal to the majority female audience. Or they could be a married couple or duo who need a catchy nom-de-plume.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet…


Romance Author Pseudonym List

Below is a brief list of writers and their pen names. Thousands of authors use aliases; therefore, this is a short compilation. Here we included only those novelists we have reviewed, highlighted, or soon will review.

With each romance author’s pseudonym, we provide a book or link to a book review. We will add more names to the master list as we come upon them.

NOTE: For more writer aliases or their real names, go to the ROMANCE AUTHOR PSEUDONYM PAGE that is linked under the main AUTHORS page.

List of Pen Names

Rosalyn Alsobrookrunaway brideGina Delaney
Jalynn Friends
Rosalyn R. Alsobrook
Judith Arnoldchange of lifeAriel Berk
Thea Frederick
Barbara Keiler
Iris BancroftRapture's rebelAndrea Layton
Iris Brent
Iris Bancroft
Janice BennettTangled WebEileen WittonJanice Bennett
Jennifer BlakeLouisiana DawnElizabeth Trehearne Patricia Ponder
Patricia Maxwell
Maxine Patrick
Patricia Ponder-Maxwell
Laurey BrightThe Perfect Marriage, Laurey Bright 1995 Diane SivavecDaphne Clair
Clair Lorel
Clarissa Garland Daphne de Jong
Daphne Clair Williams de Jong
Phoebe Conntender savage phoebe connCinnamon BurkePhoebe Jane Conn Ingwalson
Emma DarcyDon't Ask Me NowWendy & Frank Brennan
Katherine Deauxvilleblood red roses frontM. H. Davis
Maggie Daniels
Maggie Davis
Maggie Hill-Davis
Teresa Denysthe silver devil teresa denysJacqui Bianchi
Jude Devereauxthe black lyon george zielJude Gilliam Montassir
Jacqueline Diamondone husband too manyJackie Hyman
Jackie Diamond Hyman Jacqueline Topaz Jacqueline Jade
Jackie Diamond Hyman Wilson
Kathleen DrymonDestiny’s SplendorKathleen McCallKathleen Drymon
Jane Featherbeloved enemyClaudia BishopJane Robotham
Connie Finchlone star surrender