Sweet Savage Flame Is Back (Mostly)

Hello There! (Again)

Whew! These past six weeks have seemed like riding a non-stop merry-go-round. We’re pretty dizzy from it all.

As you may have noticed, things have been amiss around here. We apologize for that. Sweet Savage Flame and company were super-excited to start new adventures for 2022. But first, we had to get rid of the negative remnants of the past.

The Coronavirus hit our home just after Christmas, to varying effects. My 24-year-old had it first, then made a full recovery after several days. My asthma-afflicted husband pushed through and was well after a couple of weeks. I was not so fortunate. Due to various underlying conditions, it took me almost the entire month of January to shake it off.

Then the site crashed. I panicked and focused all my attention on correcting this. Fortunately, the data was backed up, so we set up a temporary site while dealing with the matter. It turned out there were multiple “matters” at play, so we decided it was a perfect opportunity to fix many issues behind the scenes.

Then, I got sick again! Not Covid, thankfully, just a cold. My ears have always been sensitive to ailments, and I ended up with a mid-ear infection that had me hard of hearing until a few days ago.

I never wanted to be that middle-aged person who always detailed their health issues, yet here I am. 🤦‍♀️

No judgment from us, but please take care of yourself and your family during these times. Follow your doctors’ professional advice, and be proactive about your health. Have a strategy in hand if you get sick. Who is your support team? Immunity is not always a 100% guarantee, so have a plan, just in case.

We’re Back! (Sort Of)

Sweet Savage Flame is back. Mostly. Since the site was down, I figured we’d do some tweaking to speed things up, give the site some uniformity, and streamline the archives.

About the archives… Sweet Savage Flame has reviewed almost 300 books. We’ve got a new review system that makes it extremely utile by archiving them by reviewer, author, cover artist, publisher, sub-genre, categories, even book series. It will take some time to do data entry for it all, however. I estimate it will take eight weeks or thereabouts to have the archives fully updated.

There are still various ways to look for content: use the search function, use the category list in the sidebar menu, or go to the Main Menu at the top where you can access pages like SEARCH ROMANCES by TROPES.

We’re really thrilled with this new archival system and think you’ll love it too when it’s all completed.

Sweet Savage Flame’s Output

Our aim is for both consistent and quality output. Sweet Savage Flame will publish a minimum of 5 posts per week. As we’ll be working behind the scenes for more in-depth and entertaining content, a new article every day is unlikely–for the time being.

Please feel free to come back as often as you like, as we do update our social media accounts, scan new covers into our database, and make additions to old pages.

Our Weekly Posting Schedule (For Now):

  • Monday: Blue Falcon Book Review
  • Tuesday: “A Closer Look”/ “Spotlight” on Authors, Publishers, Artists, or Models
  • Wednesday: Introvert Reader Book Review
  • Thursday: WILD (Can be anything–poll, quiz, updates, links, a new page–or possibly nothing.)
  • Friday:Discussion” about Books/ Romance Genre / Real-Life Romance
  • Saturday: Re-published, Re-formatted Article or Book Review
  • Sunday: Covers of the Week

Thank You For Your Patience and Support

We’re always talking about what we’re planning to do with Sweet Savage Flame. Now we’re putting those plans into place! Tomorrow we’ll highlight some romance novels set around Valentine’s day.

50 years ago, in 1972, the modern romance genre was born. Let’s take a trip back to enjoy its colorful history.

Thank you for travelling along with us.

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Old-School, retro, and vintage romance reads are my jam, baby! The good, the bad, the cheesy, and the sleazy! I have no shame about it; I love ’em! An auto-didact, amateur historian, and reader of romance novels since 1990, I hope to offer a unique perspective on the genre. As a blogger, you may know me by several names; here, I’m Jacqueline Diaz. I’m also the aspiring author of two works-in-progress, historical romances, The Savage Noble and What She Says with Her Eyes, which hopefully will be released in 2023.

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