One Book, Multiple Covers #1: The Velvet Promise

Portuguese Language

This Portuguese language version of The Velvet Promise is quite pretty for a photo cover. This is a 2018 edition by Quinta Essência; the cover is both for e-version and paperback.

The title means the same in Portuguese as it does in English. Lovely cover.


The poetry of the French language version published by J’ai lu is hard to resist.

Rather than be called The Velvet Promise, this book is titled Eyes of Velvet. This 1991 cover edition is very nice and fitting for the characters and setting.

Eyes of Velvet” is indeed an apt title as the model’s eyes are striking. I think Judith’s eyes were gold-hazel, but she was a redhead, not a brunette. Not a huge deal, unless you’re nitpicky like me.

Looking at her dress this appears more like a Victorian Era romance rather than a Medieval, however.


The German-language version of The Velvet Promise is called Die Ascotts: Judith, or literally, The Ascotts: Judith. The Montgomery family name has been changed to Ascott.

This Bastei Lubbe edition has the original Harry Bennett cover art.

The 2019 German e-book edition is named in a humorously blunt, and typically German fashion. It’s called Judith und der treulose Gemahl: Die Ascott-Saga, or The Ascott Saga: Judith and The Terrible Huband. 

We’ve read this one, and yes, Gavin Montgomery is a terrible husband to Judith almost until the end. He was ever believing the scheming lies his ex-mistress spouted.


This Croatian version, which translates more or less to The Velvet Promise, is typical of modern cover art.

The solo heroine faces away from the front. One solid color–the blue–dominates, which lets the red of Judith’s hair catch the eye.


The Finnish edition of The Velvet Promise published in 1995 by Book Studio resembles the earlier styles of Pocket Books’ versions. I like the cold blue colors.

This title version translates to “To Promise.”


Aksominė priesaika,” or roughly “Velvet Oath” Is the Lithuanian version of The Velvet Promise. It’s so wrong, so campy-looking, and lots of fun.

Published 1995 by Tyrai in Lithuania.

Thailand/ Thai

This Thai version of The Velvet Promise roughly translates into The Treacherous Heart.

I’ve never seen this cover before, but I expect it’s the original cover art for another English-language romance. I’ve tried to do Google reverse searches, but I haven’t seen this cover anywhere else.

Your Opinion

So, what do you think of this feature? Do you like looking at alternate cover versions of your favorite romances from different nations or in different languages?

Which cover do you prefer for The Velvet Promise? I’m partial–obviously–to the original artwork by Harry Bennett, but I like the different variations as well.

As always, please, drop us a comment, and let’s talk romance.

3 thoughts on “One Book, Multiple Covers #1: The Velvet Promise”

  1. There are so many great covers here, the first one is my favorite because the hair is just beautiful but each cover edition has its own beauty. I read this book a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. She is a great author to read.

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