Covers of the Week #6: Pino Daeni Stepbacks

Artist & Theme: Pino Daeni Stepbacks

A pair of Pino covers! Pino Daeni was such a prolific cover artist. Not only was he a legendary part of the romance genre, but he was also a master illustrator of the twentieth century.

Opening up a stepback cover to find a Pino illustration was always such a treat. Aren’t these covers gorgeous works of art?

The Covers

For the week of May 17, 2021, to May 23, let’s admire some historical romance novel stepback covers illustrated by Giuseppe Dangelico Daeni, aka Pino Daeni. He is such an essential romance cover artist we will explore at length very soon here at SweetSavageFlame!

pino daeni deception
dangerous anita mills pino daeni

Top to bottom:

Deception, Amanda Quick, Bantam, 1993

Dangerous, Anita Mills, Topaz, 1996

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