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Sweet Savage Flame on YouTube and Anchor Podcast Streaming

Update #8.5

I’ve realized I neglected to add some of Sweet Savage Flame‘s latest information on our recent Updates #8. Talk about a major oversight.

As Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!” Oh well, at least I’m not in charge of safety at a nuclear power plant.

We are slowly converting articles to podcasts and YouTube videos. Unfortunately, I have found that it’s not as easy as simply speaking into a microphone and pressing record. I have to learn to modulate my voice better, stop mumbling at the ends of words, and quit inhaling through my mouth! And there’s no way I’m putting my big head on a screen (let alone allow people to see my messy computer room/ book room/ storage room/ den/ cat room), so I have to learn to get skilled in video making.

Sweet Savage Flame has an Anchor Podcast, which can be heard on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other platforms (not Apple yet; I have to set that up).

Here’s a review that we’ve posted here about Johanna Lindsey‘s Defy Not the Heart as a Spotify podcast:


We also have a Sweet Savage Flame YouTube channel to hear and see us (sort of). This is our latest upload, a list of 6 Sweet and Sexy Old School Historical Romance Heroes:

Thank You For Your Support!

I hope you’ll bear with us as we ride the learning curve. Sweet Savage Flame will dedicate itself to increasing the production values and quality as we master the ropes. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your questions, recommendations, or any input you’d like to offer.

A big thank you to all our readers and supporters who spend some of their time with us talking romance. Without you all reading, listening, and commenting, there would be no reason to do this! ❤