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paranormal romance covers

Covers of the Week #76: Paranormal Romances

paranormal romance covers

Theme: Paranormal Romance Covers

It’s that time of year…Halloween! That means PNR covers.

There’s a sensation in the cold air: a feeling of unease and disquiet. The creepy crawlies are out tonight, lurking in the darkness.

Could it be a vampire, a werewolf, a ghost, or a demon? Could it be all of them? Or is it just our fertile imagination running wild and making us fear the night?

PNR–short for paranormal romance–was getting big in the 1990s, with cover design that was both scary and sexy.

The Covers

For the week of Monday, October 31, 2022, to Sunday, November 6, 2022, our Covers of the Week celebrates Halloween by showcasing some spooky pnr covers.