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What’s in a Name? Favorite Romance Novel Names

In the comment section of the review of Passion’s Treasure/Just Say Yes by Betina Krahn that I reviewed, our colleague Mary Ann Landers asked about the name of the book’s heroine, Treasure Barrett. That query got me thinking about romance novel names: do I have favorite ones? I certainly do!

Some of My Favorite Romance Novel Names:

Bandit’s Embrace by Georgina Gentry, Zebra, 1989, artist unknown

Amethyst (nee Durango)

Book: Bandit’s Embrace by Georgina Gentry. (March 1989)

This character was named after her beautiful purple eye color. When I read this book, it got me thinking about other “precious gem” names for females, such as Diamond, Emerald, Peridot, and Sapphire.

Audrina (nee Harris)

Book: Dakota Flame by Sonya T. Pelton. (July 1989)

I loved this name when I first saw it. The name Audrina is a contraction of her first and middle names, Audrey Tina. 

Breanna (nee Kenton) Remington

Book: Dakota Dreams by Constance O’Banyon (June 1991).

Breanna is not the most unusual name, but it is one of my favorites. I also loved Breanna Kenton Remington.

The Devil’s Price, Carole Mortimer, Harlequin, 1986, cover artist unknown

Cynara (nee Williams)

Book: The Devil’s Price by Carole Mortimer (January 1986)

This name may be my all-time favorite romance novel name. It is so unusual. It’s a Greek name meaning “thistly plant.” If I had a daughter, I would name her Cynara.

Modern Names for a Modern Age

Although these books weren’t published during the time we focus on here at Sweet Savage Flame, I want to mention another series of books with great heroine names. That is Heather Heyford’s Napa Wine Heiresses series. All of the heroines in the series are named after…wines. The titles of the books all contain the heroine’s names:

A Taste of Chardonnay, Heather Heyford, Lyrical Press, 2014

Do you have any favorite romance novel names (heroines, heroes, or supporting characters)?

By Blue Falcon