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The Yankee

Historical Romance Review: The Yankee by Kristin James

The Yankee, Kristine James, Harlequin, 1990, Max Ginsburg cover art

Harlequin Historical #57


3 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Plot

In Kristin James’ (aka Candace Camp) The Yankee, Andrew Stone is a former Union soldier now living in Texas. He’s a stodgy fellow, not well-liked by the local folks, and has a bad reputation. He had an unhappy marriage and now has a young daughter he has to raise by himself.

Miss Margaret Carlisle is a spinster who cares for her orphaned younger siblings. She’s not exactly the most charming person in the world either, although she has reasons not to be.

Together, Andrew and Margaret decide upon a marriage of convenience, as Andrew needs a mother for his daughter, and Margaret wants not to be dependent upon her cruel aunt’s charity.

I recollect that Andrew was a very cold man, and it took a lot of time for his heart to warm up to his efficient, capable bride. His heart had been pretty much torn to pieces by his ex-wife. With Margaret being who she is, it slowly heals, while she learns there’s more to Andrew than his gruff veneer. The kids in the book were cute, too.

Final Analysis of The Yankee

I gave The Yankee a three-star rating because it’s one of those Harlequin Historicals I read long ago, I don’t remember every detail of the plot, but I do recall feeling satisfied with the love story, although it wasn’t a book I wanted to read over and over again.

It was a nice story of two people who needed one another coming together, and that’s pretty much all I have to say about¬†The Yankee.