Kate Hoffmann

Category Romance Review: The Strong, Silent Type by Kate Hoffmann

This review is of The Strong, Silent Type,  book #2 in the “Bachelor Arms” series and the 2nd of 3 books in the series written by Kate Hoffmann. The book begins with Josh Banks, the hero of the book and a tax accountant (yes, you read that correctly), meeting with one of his clients, actress Olivia Wilde (NOT the current actress using the stage name, this Olivia Wilde is a 75-year-old octogenarian actress). Olivia asks Josh for a favor; to keep her granddaughter, Taryn, out of Los Angeles for a few weeks… 3 1/2 stars

Category Romance Review: Bachelor Husband by Kate Hoffmann

This review is of Bachelor Husband, book #1 of 11 in the “Bachelor Arms” Harlequin Temptation series from February 1995 by Kate Hoffmann. Bachelor Husband begins with Harry Truman “Tru” Hallihan, the hero of the book and a private investigator, working a case.

bachelor husband
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