Instagram and Vintage Romance Books

#coverlustfriday #scifiromance Sweet Starfire, Jayne Ann Krentz, Popular Library, 1986; Moondust and Madness, Janelle Taylor, Bantam, 1986; Golden Temptress, Patricia Roenbeck, Dorchester, 1991

Become a Bookstagrammer

There’s never been a better time to be a collector of vintage or old-school romance novels. With social media, you can show them off to your heart’s delight. The Instagram app is a great place to do this. In addition, you can also upload images to Twitter and Tumblr.

We’ve referenced using Instagram before. Here are more tips on how to be part of the book micro-blogging community.

Just jump right in! Bookstagramming is easy and fun. Use the hashtags #bookstagram and #bookish and post pictures of books. That’s really all you have to do!

With the images taken from your phone, use hashtags to catch people’s attention. Be sure not to post just photos! It’s essential to include some relevant text about the book, author, publisher, etc. You want to encourage discussion.

Two rare Robert McGinnis covers would make fine additions to your Romancestagram collection!

#Hashtags To Use

The Instagram hashtags will keep you busy taking pictures of books from your personal library.

#romancestagram – Use this tag whenever you post anything romance-novel-related. Bookstagram is the general book-loving community. Romancestagram is for romance readers.

#coverlustfridays – On Fridays, choose one of your favorite covers. Tweak it a bit with filters to make it pop. Write a short explanation of why you chose it. Add fun trivia if you know any.

#stepbacksaturday – Stepback Saturdays are legendary! Take a picture of the interior of a step-back romance. Just the inside cover only. The front cover you’ll save for Sunday. Then, if you like, provide hints about the book, but don’t mention the title. It’s up to your followers to guess what it is. Don’t forget to hide any revealing characteristics like ISBN code or author’s name.

#stepbacksaturdayreveal or #stepbackreveal – The following day, it’s time to solve the mystery! Post the image of the stepback cover and interior.

#tropetuesday – Every Tuesday, choose any particular trope and a book (or books) that best represents it. You can add text and designs through your phone. Alternatively, sites like Canva provide templates you can alter to make your post look more professional.

#covertwinning– Did you ever notice that some cover art gets recycled? If you have two or more different books with the same illustration, use this hashtag.

Book Staging

You don’t have to worry about having the perfect phone camera. Instagram has many filters you can use to add cool effects to your pictures.

Set your book against an interesting backdrop. Be creative! Use fabrics, exterior settings, or a collage of other books behind it.

Decorate! Dollar stores are a bookstagrammer’s friend. Purchase fake flowers, glitter, beads, ribbons, or whatever you think will add some panache to your pics. Look at other users’ profiles to get ideas for your posts.

Don’t worry if your images aren’t perfect. This isn’t a contest. The Romancestagram community is open and engaging. It’s all about sharing the love for romance books and their beautiful covers!

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