Covers of the Week #45

Colors: Red and Pink Romance Book Covers

Did you think we would let Valentine’s Day go by without one last send-off? Are you kidding? We want more Valentine’s romance book covers!

Last week we focused on cover art for romance novels set around February 14. Today, we stay close to the Valentine’s Day theme with pink and red covers!

Strangely, we had a bit of trouble finding some that were mainly all red (we do have a few on deck for upcoming editions of Covers of the Week). There was a wide variety of pinks to choose from, but many were pink-and-teal or pink-and-purple, or pink-and-orange (oh, you folks at Zebra, how we love you!)

The old-school covers loved mixing up shades in a kaleidoscope of variations.

If we were doing modern covers, this would have been an easier task. Do you notice that many covers now highlight one hue, not a rainbow of colors? Usually, it’s the heroine’s dress or the bedsheets the couples are tangled up in.

The Covers

We’re looking at red and pink romance covers for the week of Monday, February 14, 2022, to Sunday, February 20, 2022. We hope you’ve had a nice weekend and wish you love in all its forms!

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