Covers of the Week #42

Theme: Covers With Dresses Opened at the Back

There are lots of amusing aspects about clinch covers. When it come to the poses,r what cover for whatever book from whatever imprint, there are only so many variations the couple can engage in, that some poses become ubiquitous. One of my favorite mainstays of cover art is when…well when a lady loses her stays!

Personally, I find it alluring when a gown is draping off a lady’s back as opposed to other more revealing shots. The sight of bare skin and delicate bones down to the waist is more seductive and mysterious rather than seeing heaving breasts front and center. What say you?

The Covers

This Covers of the Week for Monday, January 24, 2022, to Sunday, January 30 displays pretty historical romance covers with couples in clinch poses and heroines losing their tops while having a grand ole time of it.

(From left to right, top to bottom)
The Moon Rider, Virginia Lynn, Pocket Books, 1994, Morgan Kane cover art
Nevada Temptation, Gwen Cleary, Zebra, 1992, Pino cover art
Hearts of Fire, Anita Mills, Onyx, 1989, Gregg Gulbronson cover art
A Scoundrel’s Kiss, Margaret Moore, Avon, 1999, cover artist TBD

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