Covers of the Week #39

Artist: Robert A. Maguire

Happy 2022! Our first Covers of the Week for this new year features artist Robert Maguire, aka R. A. Maguire.

Robert A. Maguire is a legendary name when it comes to paperback covers. From pulps to romance, he illustrated all genres of fiction. Maguire was born in New Jersey in 1921. He then passed away in 2005.

As a commercial artist, he produced artwork for all the publishing companies–big and small. Over nearly 50 years, Maguire would paint 1,300 covers.

In romance, he was prolific, creating covers for contemporaries, categories, traditional regencies, and historicals. Perhaps he is most notorious in the genre for the three-armed heroine on the cover of Patricia Gallagher’s Castles in the Air.

Even so, one “off-looking” cover does not represent the totality of his storied career. Besides the beauty of it, I appreciate his style as it’s instantly recognizable. In addition, Maguire never failed to sign his work, making him an easy artist to spot.

This week we’re focusing on Maguire’s historical covers. Later, we’ll highlight some of his series romances.

The Covers

For the week of Monday, January 3, 2022, to Sunday, January 9, 2022, we’re admiring a sample of glorious historical romances by talented Robert A. Maguire!

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