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Covers of the Week #74: Peter Attard

Artist: Peter Attard

Peter Attard created contemporary category and historical covers for publishers such as Avon, Dorchester, Bantam, and Mills & Boon/ Harlequin. His artwork is peak 1980s and 1990s romance.

There are several men in the field of arts with the name Attard, so it was difficult to find information on this talented artist. This particular gentleman hails from Australia and worked in New York during his heyday as a paperback illustrator.

Attard’s vocation inspired his nephew, Mark Attard, to become a painter. Today, the latter is a successful musician/artist.

Peter Attard’s style is reminiscent of some of his contemporaries, such as George A. Bush and Ray Olivere, invoking a fantastical fairy-tale quality to his clinches, as opposed to realism or extreme sensuality. His use of bright colors and pastels gives his images an eye-catching appeal.

The Covers

Sweet Savage Flame’s Covers of the Week for Monday, October 17, 2022, to October 23, 2022, shows off four charming and lovely romance covers painted by Peter Attard.

Three of these illustrations are similar in looks and pose, one isn’t. Have fun guessing which! ūüėõ

Surrender in Scarlet, original image