Category Romance Review: Falling Angel by Anne Stuart

Falling Angel, Anne Stuart, Harlequin, 1993, Cover Artist TBD

American Romance #513


3 1/2 Stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Introvert Reader

Anne Stuart’s Falling Angel is yet another paranormal from the American Romance line. This is a holiday-themed romance that begins on Thanksgiving and culminates in a Christmas miracle.


Emerson Wyatt MacVey had lived only for the love of money. He was a corporate raider who thought nothing about ruining lives and impoverishing people, much less breaking women’s hearts—especially the heart of Carrie Alexander from the small town of Angel Falls, Minnesota. But living a life of depravity took its toll upon the blond, handsome Emerson, and he died of a heart attack at the young age of thirty-two.

Our story begins at the Pearly Gates, where the angels above try to decide how to judge Emerson. Instead of sending him to hell, where he will surely suffer torments for all eternity, he is given a second chance. He is allowed to return to Earth in a new form: the black-haired Gabriel Falcone on Thanksgiving Day. His job is to help people and undo the damage that Emerson had wrought. He has until Christmas to get things right.

Gabriel arrives in Angel Falls in a pickup truck and quickly finds himself trapped in a snowbank. Looking for help, he comes upon the home of Carrie Alexander, the very woman whose heart he’d broken as Emerson. She’s having Thanksgiving dinner with friends and invites the stranger in to join them. Carrie introduces “Gabriel” to her friends. Gabriel must learn to help the folks he comes upon and regain Carrie’s love. Carrie, for some reason, finds Gabriel similar to someone she knew in the past…could it be Emerson? But he and Gabriel are as different as night and day!

Will Gabriel be able to prove to Carrie in one month that he truly loves her? That he’s worthy of being loved?

Final Analysis of Falling Angel

Gabriel’s struggles to be a good man are the main highlight of this book. Carrie is a sweet–very sweet–character. She’s a bit too perfect, and the story here lays the saccharine factor on real thick. It is a Christmas story, however, so it’s seasonally appropriate. There’s a bit from both “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol” here.

Falling Angel was quite a change of pace from the Anne Stuart romances I’ve read, where her heroes were intolerable with their cruelty and contempt towards their heroines. In Falling Angel, Stuart takes that evil villain and forces him to be a good guy. I wouldn’t rank it as my favorite Christmas Romance, but it was entertaining enough to earn a positive review.

Read this during the Christmas Holiday season, and it will get you in a merry mood.

2 thoughts on “Category Romance Review: Falling Angel by Anne Stuart”

  1. Great review as always, Jacqueline.

    “Falling Angel” sounds like a Hallmark Channel movie concept (Not a criticism, I love Hallmark Channel, I’m just not in love with watching Christmas movies out of season). It definitely sounds like a book I would check out to see if I liked it.

    1. Hello, Blue Falcon!

      Belated Thanksgiving! Here’s hoping, however, you spent your Holiday, you had a gratifying time. I was happy to see my family, as boisterous as they are.

      Yes, indeedy, this sounds like a Hallmark Channel movie. It’s quite a diverging turn from Anne Stuart’s typical romances which are much darker in tone with cruel heroes who treat their ladies with callousness. Gabriel is a good man at heart, but it’s difficult for him to do what’s right because he’s so used to being wicked. Stuart’s a quality author, though, and this book is an example of why she’s had a forty year career: she pulls you into a story.

      Since this book starts on Thanskgiving Day and concludes at Christmas, I thought it was a nice way to welcome the season.



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