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A Candle in the Wind

Teresa Denys only published two books in her lifetime. However, both of them, The Flesh and the Devil and The Silver Devil were bodice ripper masterpieces, featuring cruel heroes unmatched in their devoted obsessions for their heroines.

According to the scant information available on the internet, Teresa Denys was a pseudonym for Jacqui Bianchi. Bianchi was of Italian descent.

Besides being a writer, Bianchi was a successful editor for Mills and Boon, working with authors such as Penny Jordan, Leigh Michaels, and Emma Goldrick. In addition, she discovered and guided Australia’s all-time best-selling romance author, Emma Darcy.

“What was most fascinating for us was she didn’t cut 30, 40, or 50 pages. She cut a paragraph here, phrase there, a sentence here…she showed us how to tighten up the writing and move forward more quickly. We learned so much from her,” said the Australian author about Bianchi’s editorial style.

She lived in London with roommates and several animal friends. Sadly, Jacqui Bianchi died much too young in a car crash, in either 1987 or 1988.

Teresa Denys Backlist:

  • The Silver Devil, Ballantine, 1978, Tom Hall cover art
  • The Flesh and the Devil, St. Martin’s Press, 1980, Sir Anthony van Dyck painting “Marchesa Balbi” cover art

I knew that love would not turn the silver devil into an angel. He would remain what he was–subtle yet childish, unfeeling yet passionate, lost irretrievably to everything but his own desire. But he loved me–and I loved him, now and forever.


Kindness is a painless thing to give, and easy, a sop to those you do not need. Friendship and kindness have nought to do with this.” For a moment, the look in his eyes, as brilliant as an eagle’s in the harsh inscrutability of his face, terrified her. “I am not kind to the air I breathe, nor the food I eat, nor to you.”


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