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Category Romance Review: Arafura Pirate by Victoria Gordon

Arafura Pirate, Victoria Gordon, Harlequin, 1989, Will Davies cover art

Harlequin Romance #3025

From the back of the book:

Marine biologist Jinx Beaumont had the sinking feeling her given name foretold the voyage ahead of her. She was jinxed, all right – stuck with Race Morgan, a merciless buccaneer of a captain. Studying shark life on the rough seas north of Australia kept Jinx busy enough. She definitely didn’t need the unnerving distraction of a human predator like roguish Captain Morgan! Jinx fought against the magnetic pull and her desire. She didn’t want to become one of Race’s romantic conquests. But her inner turmoil only increased when she felt challenged by a rival who was stunningly beautiful…and vicious.

3 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Book

Arafura Pirate by Victoria Gordon was one of the first adult romances I read, although from what I recall, this is more of a sweet and mild read, rather than a steamy one.

Arafura Pirate was set in coastal Australia. It starred a spunky heroine named Jinx, a blond, short-haired marine biologist who was tough and independent. She sets out with her team of fellow scientists to tag sharks in the ocean waters.

When she met the hero, Race Morgan (what a typical hero name that was!), she wore a shirt that said, “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.” Race was a gruff ship captain who smoked, of course. But I remember when they first kissed, Jinx certainly wasn’t thinking of ashtrays!

Jinx and Race butt heads, but their attraction is too strong to deny.

The supporting cast on the ship was a fun crew, and I enjoyed the way they all bonded. There was some “other woman” scenario that wasn’t too dramatic, as it was obvious the captain’s eyes were on Jinx alone.

Final Analysis of Arafura Pirate

Simple and sweet, but I have fond memories of it. 3.24 stars