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old school romance on youtube

Link: Old School Romance on Youtube

Old Romance Commercials on Youtube

I discovered these clips on YouTube. They are a great throwback to yesteryear.

The following six commercials advertise the wonder of category romance novels. The first one from 1976 is older than I am!

They look so tasteful, like old Summer’s Eve or Massengill feminine douche commercials. I got a kick out of watching them. Hope you enjoy them, too.

1976 Harlequin Ad

1980 Harlequin Ad

1981 Harlequin Romance Novels of Love Commercial

1982 Mills & Boon Ad

1982 Harlequin Super Romance Ad

1982 Silhouette Special Edition Ad

What do think? Do they put you in the mood for romance? I think they needed someone like Fabio, but he was from a different era.

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