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Cheap Thrills

Category Romance Review: Cheap Thrills by Tiffany White

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The Book

Tiffany White (aka Anna Eberhart) created a cheeky, modern romance for the Harlequin Temptation line with her book, Cheap Thrills.

The Plot

At the beginning of Cheap Thrills, the hero Crew Harper works at a side gig as a window washer when he accidentally becomes a peeping Tom. Transfixed, can only stare as sees a beautiful woman enter an office. She undresses, and he’s shocked at what’s revealed: yes, her gorgeous body, and with a delightful secret butterfly tattoo on her pert, peachy derriere. (That’s right, I do read “The Daily Mail” on occasion!)

After the woman changes her clothes and leaves, Crew sees a man come into her office and rifle through her desk.

How outrageous! How dare this man invade a woman’s privacy?

I think it’s kind of funny how rapidly times have moved. Alexa, the heroine, has a small butterfly tattoo on her butt, and the hero acts as if it’s the naughtiest little secret a woman can keep. It’s amazing how quickly social norms change, this came out in 1990.

Anyhow, Crew makes his way into Alexa’s life–to help her out, of course. He has to let her know that there’s a weirdo on the prowl after her.

To Crew’s surprise, Alexa is not the free-spirited woman he thought she would be. The tattoo was a one-off “naughty” deed. That was alright, as Crew had plenty of charm to carry this book. He was full of wit and humor.

And sexiness, did I mention his sexiness? Lots of that here.

Final Analysis of Cheap Thrills

Harlequin Temptation #218, aka Cheap Thrills by Tiffany White, is a sexy little read. While the plot is meant to be suspenseful, not much happens. This is mostly a character-driven romance and the characters are amusing enough to keep me engaged.

I liked this just about the same as the other Tiffany White book I”ve read, Forbidden Fantasy.

This is a short romance that’s sure to charm.

Extra points to the original cover art, which appropriately shows how this story ends: happily ever after, as it should.

3.95 Stars

Rating Report Card
Fun Factor
Overall: 4


He was no Peeping Tom!

Crew Harper was just doing his job – washing windows outside the fourth story of a downtown office tower. But a movement behind the glass caught his eye. And what he saw was something no red-blooded male could resist–Alexia Grant undressing!

Thank goodness he was transfixed by the caramel-haired beauty before him. Because the moment she left, Crew saw a man enter Alexia’s office and rifle through her desk. The intruder was clearly up to no good. Crew had to warn the lovely Alexia, but how could he without telling her everything he saw!