Historical Romance Book Covers

Covers of the Week #46

The month of February in the United States is recognized as Black History Month. So in honor of that, for the week of Monday, February 21, 2022, to Sunday, February 26, 2022, let’s appreciate some older romance covers with Black or Afro-American protagonists.

unforgivable george hones

Covers of the Week #45

For the week of Monday, February 14, 2022, to Sunday, February 20, 2022, we’re looking at red and pink romance covers. We hope you’ve had a nice weekend wish you love in all its forms!

Stolen Dreams Duillo

Covers of the Week #26

We had a lot of fun a couple of months back doing Covers of the Week #12, where we posted images of when romance covers by talented artists go hilariously bad. So we’re doing it again! For the week of Monday, October 4 to Sunday, October 10, 2021 (which happens to be my birthday week), enjoy these silly or awful-looking covers that make us smile.

bandit's brazen kiss

Covers of the Week #12

For the week of June 28 to July 4, 2021, enjoy this small sample of funny or awful-looking covers from romances from four different artists. Including Pino, DonBerco, & Robert Maguire.

wild magnolia

Covers of the Week #11

Morgan Kane is an artist whose book covers range from the pulpy paperback era of the early 1970s to the bodice ripper heyday to series and contemporary romances to Westerns to the big name romance authors of the 1980s and 1990s. A true Renaissance man, his artwork was as varied as his many talents, such as photography, illustrating, ice-skating, and hypnotism! For the week of June 21 to June 26, 2021, enjoy this small sample of Morgan Kane romance covers from multiple categories.

city girls need not apply

Covers of the Week #10

For the week of June 14, 2021, to June 20, we’re looking back over our favorite Harry Bennett covers for Tapestry, Gallen, and, Pocket Books.

whitney my love
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